Baby, Come Back …

I feel really bad for Tommy James and I hope TPTB at the Rock Hall are properly repentant — although I doubt it.

Tommy James

Tommy James

Two years ago (IIRC) at the Moondog Coronation Ball, Tommy James, who was SUPPOSED to be the headliner, got squashed into the last spot with no time left and had to rush through an abbreviated session of his hits.

Last night, at the R&RHOF fundraiser, he had to do the same thing, because SOME IDIOT let MC Hammer play 8 songs (when no one else who came did more than 3 and poor Richie Furay only got TWO). Once again, a show that was supposed to end at 11:00 wasn’t done until well after 12:00, and once again, Mr. James had to rush through a six-song set. This is bloody RIDICULOUS and I blame Terry Stewart (partially because the auction went too long too — although I might not have felt the same if I could have afforded to bid on Bono and U2).

Mr. James deserves better, although I admire his class in handling it the way he did. I wish he could come back and get treated better this time. He can bring Mark Farner (formerly of Grand Funk Railroad) and Richie Furay with him, both of whom deserved better as well.

By the way, Gene Chandler (“Duke of Earl”) schooled ’em all. Just goes to show that here’s another real musician and showman who has real talent and staying power. I can’t imagine Justin Timberlake in 60 years doing anything he’s done as well and with such style. Congratulations, Mr. Chandler! Well done!