Weight Loss II: Back to the Future

The weight loss has stalled. I’m where I was at my low point in the Summer of 2010 and while I’ve lost a few more inches, the pounds aren’t budging.

I’ve decided that there are three reasons for this (I think):

  1. Some occasionally BAD eating choices (get thee behind me, lasagna! [note: and it did, trust me…])
  2. Not doing as much weightlifting. This time around I’m doing more swimming and water aerobics. I need to work weight lifting back into the routine.
  3. Having developed the bad habit of waking up in “fight or flight” mode and then laying awake worrying about the hole in the ozone layer and lots of other similar things I have no control over and no way of solving. This is a problem for two reasons: one, I’m not getting enough sleep, which every weightloss/fitness expert in the known universe says is critical and two, I’m sure I’m generating enough cortisol to drown a small island nation, which is also supposed to be a problem, especially with weight around the middle. Sigh.

I want this so badly — to keep seeing the pounds come off, even if they do it slowly.  Just to see the scale drop and keep on doing it. So I’m considering Tom Venuto’s “Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle”.  Not that I have any secret yen to look like a female bodybuilder (somehow I can’t get the image of Jim Carrey’s “Vera De Milo” character from “In Living Color” out of my head)

Jim Carrey as Vera De Milo on "In Living Color"

but a lot of people seem to have used his plan safely and seen results, so maybe I should give it a go.  It’s ultimately my choice about how low a BF% I hit (assuming I can get things kick started). So — onward and downward, yet again?

(since 11/4/2011: +/-0.00%; since 3/1/2011: -5.74%)


Weight Loss, Round II: Oh, and by the way…

By good rights, I should be posting this on Wednesday, but I anticipate a strange week this week, so I probably won’t get a chance then.

So… I’m pleased to say that my (very gradual) weight loss continues.  I haven’t had a particularly good week or so eating wise, and I’ve (not intentionally, but due to circumstances) not been working out as much, but I am definitely down. Right now, I’m just below where I was at my “low water” mark last summer, so now it’s “onward and downward”, so to speak. It’s my intention to work out at work this week, plus I hope to get a ‘second shift’ in at the Y on Tuesday and Thursday.  I’ve managed to get to a couple of water aerobics classes and liked them very much.  It was funny — the first time I went, I got out of the pool thinking, “Gee, that didn’t seem as hard as I expected,” a sentiment that lasted until I got up the next morning and realized how much work I had really put it.  The water carries some of the load, making it a rather deceptive process.

Saturday I came to work briefly and walked on the treadmill/did the elliptical.  I’m sorry, but no one is going to convince me that the elliptical is easier and less work than the treadmill.  I just don’t believe it.  I’m working longer and at a higher level on the elliptical than I did before, and the stupid thing’s trying to tell me that 20 minutes on it (I split my 40-minute workout between the two) is about a third of the calories of the treadmill workout.  Not a chance. I mean, with the elliptical, you’re moving your arms as well as your legs. I don’t see how it can be less work.

Oh, well.  In the meantime, I think my fantasy football team lost again — at least this week it was closer.  My fantasy hockey league drafts on October 3, and I’m looking forward to that, if only because it also means we’re just three days away at that point from the real thing starting. I<3 my Habs.  (I suppose I should post a warning on Twitter and FB for the non-fans… )

Still praying for my friend.  Really storming heaven on this one.  The thought that I might lose this person is absolutely devastating to me. Please help this special being, Lord.

And for all the rest of you, hope you are well, too.  Always have time to listen and care if you’re not. {{hugs}}

(since 9/7/2011: .97%; since 3/1/2011: 7.11%)

Weight Loss, Round II

My new company has had a contest this year, from March 1 to June 1 and now until September 1, to encourage us to eat better, exercise, et al.

I didn’t do much with the first half of the contest, to my everlasting regret. I don’t know if I couldn’t get serious about it or if the outside forces on my life worked against me, but when I got “officially” weighed on June 1, I had lost a whole .8 of a pound. Yippee.

Now, though, I seem to have found my second wind.  I am walking 2.2 miles four workdays a week (Wednesday is a no-go unless I can get in early) and on Saturdays. I hope that beginning Wednesday I will be able to go to the YMCA in Euclid 2x a week to do water aerobics or swim and maybe even more than that, if I can ever get out of bed early – I’d love to have a full set of weights, etc., to do lifting.  We have dumbbells and a Bosu Ball (or whatever they’re called) and I do what I can, but I’d love to have access to an Ab-bench, a Universal machine and some barbells, too.  If we go to the Y on Wednesday, I’ll have a better sense of what’s available and take it from there.

The best part is that I FINALLY seem to have my eating under control.  For the past two weeks, I’ve been able to 1) stick to eating what I bring with me, and 2) bypass what I shouldn’t.  I’m proud that I’ve been able to walk by things that tempt me and not give in.  I’ve also enlisted the help of a co-worker who gives me the evil eye to keep me on the straight and narrow – LOL. I’m keeping track of food and exercise on http://www.fitday.com: http://fitday.com/fitness/PublicJournals.html?Owner=jmacleve. You can see what I’m eating and how I’m working out (at least during the week when I have internet access). I’m being completely honest.  There’s no point in lying about this. I’m totally serious about my efforts and according to the same scale I was weighed on last week, I’ve lost almost 2%. It may not seem like much, but last year when it was just working out and not getting the eating under control, I never saw that kind of change. I was toning, but not really losing a lot of weight. I am encouraged by this.

In addition, there’s this ongoing debate about water and it’s role (or non-role) in weight loss. I have a 2-quart pitcher full of water on my desk, and I’ve been drinking 2-3 of them every day.  At home, I have a 2-gallon container with a tap and I keep a 1 liter bottle full so I drink water and not milk all the time. I think this helps, if only because it seems to kill my appetite. If it gets boring, I drop a flavored tea bag in it and that helps, too.

Now. I’ve studiously avoided putting a “real” picture of me up from any time recently on the Internet.  I have elementary school, jr. high and high school pictures of me up all over the place (especially on Facebook) and there’s that troublesome avatar that I’ve been using. I decided to put this one up. It is of me at my best weight loss period last year. I have a long way to go, since I have to get back there and then keep going, but here it is.

The only thing I reserve mentioning is my actual weight.  I’m not secure enough to do that.  In fact, from now on, I’m going to mention my percentages when I weigh in once a week (which is what we’re supposed to do for the company competition). When I’m done, I may regale you with a real number. Until then … 🙂

From June 1 for June 8:

(1.73% this week; 1.97% overall)

It’s My Destiny …

Aching so bad today. I’d forgotten for some time (due to lack of bad symptoms) that I have fibromyalgia, but the last few weeks have brought it back to mind quite vividly.

It does seem to help to work out. I never hurt while I’m working out, only after. Getting off the treadmill can be quite the adventure … suddenly all the trigger points are screaming bloody murder and I’m moving more slowly than I was just a moment ago. Still, I think I feel better than I would if I was not working out, if you know what I mean.

Four calls today — one for sure interview (the lowest paying job, of course), one for sure but not scheduled interview, one phone interview with promise and one “we’re still waiting to hear from the client” call. Not that I’m complaining — nothing’s harder than sending off resumes and e-mails and faxes and not hearing anything.

In the old days, when most resumes were mailed, I used to joke that the mailman must be reading them and throwing them away. Now I sometimes wonder if there’s an email waystation where someone else performs the same function. How else to explain how you can be perfectly qualified for something and yet never hear from the potential employer?

If You Must Return It You Can Send It Here …

Well, that was invigorating. I got two nice comments and a new FB/Twitter friend out of yesterday’s #FridayFlash. I’m already working on next week’s and am returning to my regularly scheduled writing a little more powered up. Nice feeling!

I’ve also created a separate blog for Flash Writing: it’s not completely set up, but it will be at demonesprit.wordpress.com. That’s “De Mon Esprit” — out of my spirit, not “Demon Esprit”. Sigh.

A good set of workouts this week. I had my 25,000 mile check up at the club (hee). Good news: Strength and Endurance are at a good place and I have lost some inches. Bad news: Not losing weight. :(. Still think it’s the eating. I feel better, though and I wonder if fibro melts when you’ve worked out well. I had a bad week with it, lots of pain and horribly tired, but after the last five days, I do feel better than I did on Monday.

No news on the job front, but I expect that I will hear something, for good or ill, on the three jobs I am (as far as I know) still in the running for at this point. I have two other resumes in, one for here in Cleveland and one in Medina County. Haven’t heard back on those, but it’s almost impossible to know what kind of schedule hiring managers are on. Even if they say they’re in a relative hurry to hire someone, that could mean one month instead of two. I no longer have the luxury of waiting. At this point, we have to have money and I’m kind of in the position of taking the first thing I can get, at least for the short term.

In the meantime, I am hoping that all is well in your world, and that you are productive and happy. God be with you!

Keep on keepin’ on …

If happen to be in downtown Euclid and you see what looks like an extra from “Night of the Living Dead” lurching down Lakeshore Avenue wearing a Canadiens t-shirt, don’t be alarmed. It’s just me.

I did my first full workout in over a week and various body parts are complaining loudly. My personal trainer says if you feel as though you can do more of whatever you’re doing, you should. Last night, as I was contemplating 60 more pulldowns (working the biceps), my arms convened in plenary session and I was outvoted 2-1. (Hee). But I did a lot of other stuff and had a nice 35 minute treadmill walk. I plan to continue that from here on out, along with dealing with my food and eating issues.

My Combat! group had our Recon last week and I saw myself in the pictures. Boy, do I ever have motivation to keep on keepin’ on!

I’m So Tired …

I can’t get over how whipped I am right now. This is exhausted we’re talking here, not just tired. Granted, I didn’t sleep as much as I wanted over Calicon. But after I left the others (and they were in the process of leaving) I went back to the room and passed out for awhile before getting up to pack, eat and go back to bed some more.

We slept in yesterday morning and went to bed early and slept in this morning. I got up to come to the library and walking here (which I have been doing without conscious thought lately) was like walking a marathon. It’s not that hot, that I should have this much trouble.

Oh, well. Back to the job hunt; had a couple of interviews but nothing firm yet and so I’ll keep looking until someone says those three magic words: (no, not THOSE three words) “You are hired”. 🙂