Crimson and Clover …

Congratulations to Anamika Veeramani, the NE Ohio student who won the National Spelling Bee. She managed what the Browns, Cavs and Indians haven’t managed since I was 3 years old — she brought a National Championship to Cleveland. Let’s hope they don’t trade her to Denver for some kid who can’t read. (Thanks, Drew Carey) That is, after all, the “Cleveland way”, and much scarier than the “Chicago Way”.

I’m so sick about the BP thing I almost can’t bear to think about it any more. Where have all the intelligent, competent people gone who could fix this mess?

Starting another story. This time, it’s a squad story — I have another one, but it’s going to be so long at this point that I think I’ll write it in chapters and I can’t post any of it until I get it all blocked out. So I’m going to do this one for now. Can anyone help me find a quote (and the source thereof) that runs, roughly: “Nothing so raises the spirits of a soldier as getting a letter from home and nothing so depresses him as reading it”? I thought it was Thornton Wilder, but unless I’ve really screwed up my search, I tried Googling it and — nothing.

And now I’m heading back home to sleep. I did the Group Groove class today, along with a 10-minute treadmill warm-up, 100 crunches on the weighted bench and some wood-chops and I’m so tired …


Workin’ for a livin’ …

Well, I think I’ve moved to work.

Maybe not completely, but we’ve had a ton of stuff to do lately and there’ve been some long hours. And of course, in this new job, I’m overtime-exempt, so I don’t get paid, although I did get half a day off Friday due to us finishing a proposal that involved two long nights — one until after 11:00 and one nearly that long. The only good thing was that I could listen (and occasionally watch) the Canadiens game Thursday night.

I wish I could say I didn’t see the hekdish (at least from the standpoint of a Canadiens fan) Sunday, but alas, I did. Or least a good (talk about a misnomer!) part of it. Ah, well, I can only hope les gars can find the other net and score, because as good as Halak has been, that’s the one thing he doesn’t do. On the other hand, maybe if they put Price in the net and give him a chance … (just kidding!)

Watching the horrible situation in the Gulf. For as much grief (justified, yes) that President Bush took for the mishigas after Katrina, I can’t say the Obama administration is doing much more to impress me, and what I think of BP isn’t printable. Tom and I have agreed that we are not buying gas at BP for the foreseeable future, and possibly never. So much destruction and all these idiots who are supposed to know what they’re doing running around like idiots and accomplishing nothing while the situation gets worse. Shame on them!

And in other news … The Cavs fired Mike Brown, the coach. Ho, hum … if LeBron stays, he stays — if he goes, he goes. I suppose I’d be at least a little sorry if he leaves, but I refuse to break down and cry about it. I may have to reserve all my tears for the Canadiens after tonight, for one thing and for another, well, my life went on just fine before Mr. James got here and will continue after he leaves. C’est la vie!

On Rhapsody, “My Old School” by Steely Dan

I’m Goin’ Down, Down, Down …

Not a good day.

First, I heard about the short story contest I entered and “no go”. Congrats to those who did win, though.

The Habs lost and Jaro didn’t do well. Bummed about that in a big way.

Then we got a flat tire on our new car (road hazard – puncture) and since we didn’t opt for an expensive “extended coverage” plan, we had to fork out money we didn’t expect to spend in order to get a new one.

I have to hope tomorrow will be better(?) At least let the Cavs win! Which reminds me, the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time is the person Tweeting as @LebronJamesElbow (or whatever the exact name is). I have no idea who’s doing this, but it’s genuinely one of the wittiest things I’ve seen in a long time.

Oh, and I did write (very first draft) the first chapter of my hoped-for novel, and I started a new squad story for Combat! I have another idea for the GA side of things, but I think I’ll let that rest for awhile, or until I can’t stand the characters pounding on the inside of my head one day longer! 🙂

Just Hang On …

(or, in Cajun French: Lache pas de patate!)

Maybe I should have found a song lyric for “Here we go again …” or, “you’re killing me”. They looked pretty bad last night and I suspect we’ll see Carey Price in the net for the next game. But you can’t blame it all on Jaro (well, I suppose some people could, but in fairness, you can’t). Nothing was happening on the “O” end either. I should be accustomed to this by now: to quote Chekhov from “The Cherry Orchard”, “… every day something unfortunate happens to me, and I’ve grown used to it a long time ago …” or to paraphrase Kipling, “… I bid you beware/Of giving your heart to a sports team to tear …”

Of course the Cavs won, but somehow that doesn’t help. Can’t imagine why. :S

They had this special line dancing class last night at Fitworks and I went. It lasted over an hour and a quarter and was a lot of fun. Last night, it was, anyway. 🙂 This morning, if I sit for too long, I can’t move when I stand up.

Something To Talk About …

Just some idle thoughts …

Temps here went from 80s to 40s in two days. Oh, Ohio.

We saw Frankie Valli at Playhouse Square the other day. Really great concert and just shows that a real showman is a showman and entertainer no matter what his age is.

Getting ready to head home and watch the Cavs. Then the Habs tonight. May see if I can squeeze the Tribe in between the two … or not. LOL!

Will have “Now That Spring is Here” back up on the website by Monday — or even tomorrow if I get back to the library.

And no, I didn’t manage a whole week before I started fiddling with ‘Fais Do Do’ again (no pun intended). But I think it’s almost done, except for the word choice, grammar and punctuation check. Then it’s back to “Running the Courir” again and I hope I can get it straightened out. After all that, I have a “Nonc Pierre in WWI” idea I want to knock around. And the first chapter of the novel.

On Rhapsody: “Smile Like Yours”, Natalie Cole

The Waiting is the Hardest Part …

Well, the Cavs won last night, which is a good thing. But I still am concerned — we had a great record last year, but it didn’t ultimately mean anything in the post-season. We need a championship.

Although, I wonder if it’s not a two-prong dilemma. I’m not sure what LeBron James wants out of his NBA career sometimes. I mean: if he wins a championship here, can he say, “Okay, I did it. I gave the Cavs a championship, now I want to move on” or is it “If I can’t get a championship here, I want to go somewhere where I can”?

Honestly, I don’t know how much more Danny Ferry and Dan Gilbert can do. Ferry refused to make trades just to make trades, considering the core and chemistry of the team more important than headlines. And the one move he did make was sheer robbery (in the best way possible for the Cavs).

LeBron is good for Cleveland and Northeast Ohio in a lot of ways. I would be very sorry to see him leave. I like his style. I like his unselfishness and team orientation as a player — it’s an increasingly rare thing in any pro sport — and while I wish he’d marry his lady, in a lot of ways, he’s a role model for youngsters in this area.

In other news, Les Habs beat the Flyers last night, 1-0. There are four games to go and we’re in sixth place, so unless it all falls apart in these last four games, I have to think there’s a postseason in store for Le Tricolore. Youppi!

On the Sansa: “Free Man in Paris”, Joni Mitchell

Either Step Up, or Step Back …

Canadiens: When I got a chance to check hockey scores this morning (hey, Plain Dealer, would it kill you to put NHL stuff in the paper? Some of us care more about hockey than just the Lake Erie Monsters!) I was sorry to see Les Habs lost the other night.  Win one, lose one … step up and then step back.  Man, you guys got to be more consistent! You’re breaking my heart here. 🙂

There’s no games until Wednesday for us and I am rooting for Washington (who’s already in the playoffs as the Division leader) to beat Ottawa Tuesday. No games for Philly until at least Thursday, if I read the schedule right and whoever is playing them better beat ’em. We need to spread the points out a little. Go Habs Go!

Cavaliers: It was really nice to hear the crowd make noise for Z yesterday — it wasn’t just when he came in the game the first time, but all through the game, and having the Cavs win made things even better. Of course, it didn’t hurt that LeBron put on a show — whatever else I may think/feel about him and the chances of keeping him after this season, watching what he can do with a basketball never gets old. He’s just that good.

And in other news … there is someone in my life I love so much. This song’s for you; it’s the only way I will ever be able to say it. And since I don’t think you’ve ever read this blog, you’ll probably never know. But that’s okay …

On Rhapsody, “To Love Somebody“, The BeeGees