Hi-ho, Hi-ho, Time for NaNoWrimo …

It’s that time again.

There was never any doubt for me that I was going to take another stab at Nano this year.  I’ve started three times and “won” once and now I’m taking the novel I started last year (“The Greening”, if you’re playing along at home), tossing the little bit I had done and starting all over again.

I was kicking around the idea of writing enough short stories to put together an anthology, but I don’t think I’d get to 50,000 and I’d really like to win this year. I also had a couple more novel ideas in the fire, but this one is the one I keep thinking about and had a revelation about, so I’m taking a second crack at it.

I’m also hoping this helps me get back into gear with writing.  My plan is to use my lunch hours and my laptop to work this month. I think I can knock out slightly less than 1,700 words, if things go well and my muse smiles on me.

If you’re Nanoing too, I’m TEC_4 and I’d enjoy teaming up with you on our voyage through November.  Write on!


Simply the best …

I want to offer kudos to DocB and TG from our Combat! group, who successfully completed Nano. Way to go, y’all!

I never got past 33,000 — I was wrong yesterday when I thought I was on my way past 35,000; I lost on the recount … I might have managed to get a little more done last night, but no points for guessing who walked out of the house to go to the library without her stick drive. (Duh.) So … it was fun, and in an odd way, I will miss the competitive addition to writing. Not the writing itself; it’s not as though I’m going to stop or anything.

And now there’s always the chance I can get a beta for the two stories I have almost done. Ya think?

Hold on, I’m comin’

Well, I’m still pressing on toward Nano and trying to get to 50,000. Not holding out much hope, but I’m almost to 35,000 and working, so there’s a chance. Probably not a very realistic one, but a chance regardless.

Onward and upward! To infinity and beyond! Sydney or the bush! (LOL!)

All the day and all of the night …

Which is about how much I’m going to have to write if I have ANY chance of making my 50,000 words. I could theoretically do it, but I doubt it.

I even have another idea for a story. I can, if under pressure, crank out 5,000 words in an hour. I did it last week, so I just have to sit down at the typewriter and DO IT! Rah, rah! Go, me! (LOL!)

You load sixteen tons …

Well, LFM is on hiatus.

I think, if I am at all able to complete Nano, it will be with short stories. I’ve about six ideas, including one WIP and one strong concept I’ve storyboarded. That ought to be enough to hit 50k, if I can get cracking on it.

Ergo, back to the keyboard again. 🙂

… It took me years to write, will you take a look?

Well, I’m back to not writing Last Full Measure. I mean, I haven’t given up on it or anything, it’s just not coming well. Just because. It’s very frustrating.

BUT! I did manage to knock off the first draft of a 3,500-4,000 word short story. Caje graduates from college and then he and Theo enlist. Denis is NOT a happy camper. Although I realized that I (may) have to go and fix the almost-ending, because one of the few canon things we know about Caje is that his parents saw him off. At the train. I sent them off with Grandpapa, Nonc Pierre and Marcel (with a quick appearance by Helene). At the bus. (*le sigh*) Unless he got a short leave before leaving for Europe and THEN his folks saw him off at the train. Hmmm. Have to think about that and do a little more research on whether once you finished basic you got time to go home before being deployed. How ’bout that? Any WWII experts on the ETO out there?

I also had a neat encouter (via email) with a lady who is a college professor and Cajun, who did a paper (which she e-mailed to me since I couldn’t find it on the ‘Net) on the Cajun soldier in WWII. I have already found a short story idea in it, along with lots o’ neat plot points which I figure will come in handy as I progress in the GA universe. Besides, she also offered to answer questions if I had any as I go along. I’m sooew heppy! (from Robin Hood: Men in Tights)

On the Sansa: “In Her Eyes” by Josh Groban

Back in the saddle again …

Well, broke through the writers block last night. About 3,000 more words (and I’m still WAY behind). Now I’m in never-never land. This is where I break from how I plotted out LFM originally. I had to “kill some darlings” last night. I really liked the way it was before, but since I’m sending Denis and Pierre rather than Charlotte, Pierre and Amelie, the whole train thing either has to go, or it has to be substantially rewritten.


Anyway, it was good to write and feel right about it rather than writing by rote. Really! >:)

And MM (our Mad Moderator) wrote a really cute and funny short-short about the squad getting downtime because all of us Nanos having to come up with plots and things to do with the squad. I guess she must have read my novel excerpt!

“Rabid” Caje fan out! (hee)