Workin’ in the Coal Mine …

Well, it’s a temp job for a background check company, not a coal mine. Although coming along about 5:00 p.m., it feels rather coal minish, without the dust and the risk.

I heard from one of the jobs today; it’s not happening for me — or anyone else they interviewed this go-round. I blame it on the personality profile thingie they did. They have this fixed idea about who they want to hire and if you don’t fit, bang! None of us did. They interviewed more than 12 on the phone, 12 in person and then brought four of us back for a second interview. Now they’ve decided to start over again. I wonder who it was decided that.

Nothing on the second job — I’ve pretty much given up on that. I guess it could still happen, but I’m not holding my breath.

But today, not too long after I got the call about the first job, I got an e-mail about a telephone interview for a job I applied for weeks before.

God willing, I’ll get the right job. Hopefully, it will be soon.


Ain’t Too Proud to Beg …

I hate asking for help.

One of the things that has been necessary as our savings begin to dwindle has been asking for ‘getting by’ assistance.

I’ve applied for as much official support as I can right now … prescription help and PIPP and HEAP and this, that and the other thing. But as I wait for bureaucracy to roll and get us what we need, I have been forced to ask friends and family (personal and church) for support.  I HATE that.  HATE it.

They say pride’s not hard to swallow if you chew it long enough.  And I suppose it’s at least partially pride that makes me feel this way. But I also feel as though I’m taking advantage.  That’s not my motivation, Lord knows. We need far more than I’ve asked for. There’s lots of small things that aren’t going to get paid. Some I can live without, others are harder. But it’s not as though I’m surrounded by rich people with lots to throw around.

I wish I had a better job.  My temp job is just enough to keep me from getting unemployment, but not enough to live on (of course, unemployment isn’t enough to live on either, but that’s another story).

So (to paraphrase Edwin Arlington Robinson) I wait for the light, go without the meat and curse the bread [not literally]. And I ask God to see us through so I don’t have to ask for any more help.

A Long, Long Time …

Well, one job has gone to someone else.  It’s the one I personally thought I was the longshot to get — my Access work is back a ways and it seemed likely that there was someone else out there who was going to be in better shape.

The other two jobs? Well, not sure.  I had a great feeling about the Marketing Coordinator job (in an industry related to the one I worked in at Osborn) after the interview, but when I found out they required a ‘personality profile’, well, I’ve pretty much given up on that.  Twice before I was a leading candidate for jobs that required these things, and both times I was shot down solely due to my personality profile.  Either that, or I don’t have a personality :).  Not sure about that, either.

The third job is my best shot, I think.  It’s the one where I’d be a 1099 employee and in charge of my own financial destiny.  I don’t know if it’s just that I’ve given up on the other, but I keep having this feeling that this is where I’m meant to be.  On the other hand, I could go check my Google e-mail and find out that they’ve decided against me.  In that case, so much for destiny.

In other news: The hard part about having someone in your life entirely on a virtual basis is not being completely sure about their sense of humor.  One of my friends on FB put up that viral video of the dog dancing the merengue, and said the dog danced better than he did.  I so badly wanted to post a quip about how the dog probably offered lessons if he really wanted them, but I don’t want to lose him as a friend if I offended him, so I didn’t.  Funny how a sense of humor, which ought to be a bonding thing, so often winds up being divisive, isn’t it? (Hi, TG! You know what I mean …)

Workin’ for a Livin’, the Sequel

Here’s the score at the end of the sixth inning: 1 temporary job (for the nonce), 1 face-to-face interview from yesterday’s phone interview and still waiting to hear on the 1099 job in Twinsburg. Looks like the other job is a strikeout, since I should have heard today and I didn’t.

I was listening to a Glen Campbell ‘greatest hits’. I like the music, but I’m finding it a little depressing. I regret the time and chances I wasted in the past and this music, which is a big part of my childhood and adolescence, brings all that back vividly. It bothers me a little; I don’t recall being so hung up on the past before and I wonder what triggered this. Although I have a good idea, I can’t be completely sure.

I have half a FridayFlash done, or a little more, and after reading it, I think I’ll hold off for a little while on this one and work on another one I started and couldn’t get anywhere with.

But Dr. Wicked’s site did prompt more than half of a new Combat! story which I think I’ll print out and take with me to my new job to work on at breaks and at lunch.

Onward and upward! At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

It’s My Destiny …

Aching so bad today. I’d forgotten for some time (due to lack of bad symptoms) that I have fibromyalgia, but the last few weeks have brought it back to mind quite vividly.

It does seem to help to work out. I never hurt while I’m working out, only after. Getting off the treadmill can be quite the adventure … suddenly all the trigger points are screaming bloody murder and I’m moving more slowly than I was just a moment ago. Still, I think I feel better than I would if I was not working out, if you know what I mean.

Four calls today — one for sure interview (the lowest paying job, of course), one for sure but not scheduled interview, one phone interview with promise and one “we’re still waiting to hear from the client” call. Not that I’m complaining — nothing’s harder than sending off resumes and e-mails and faxes and not hearing anything.

In the old days, when most resumes were mailed, I used to joke that the mailman must be reading them and throwing them away. Now I sometimes wonder if there’s an email waystation where someone else performs the same function. How else to explain how you can be perfectly qualified for something and yet never hear from the potential employer?

If You Must Return It You Can Send It Here …

Well, that was invigorating. I got two nice comments and a new FB/Twitter friend out of yesterday’s #FridayFlash. I’m already working on next week’s and am returning to my regularly scheduled writing a little more powered up. Nice feeling!

I’ve also created a separate blog for Flash Writing: it’s not completely set up, but it will be at That’s “De Mon Esprit” — out of my spirit, not “Demon Esprit”. Sigh.

A good set of workouts this week. I had my 25,000 mile check up at the club (hee). Good news: Strength and Endurance are at a good place and I have lost some inches. Bad news: Not losing weight. :(. Still think it’s the eating. I feel better, though and I wonder if fibro melts when you’ve worked out well. I had a bad week with it, lots of pain and horribly tired, but after the last five days, I do feel better than I did on Monday.

No news on the job front, but I expect that I will hear something, for good or ill, on the three jobs I am (as far as I know) still in the running for at this point. I have two other resumes in, one for here in Cleveland and one in Medina County. Haven’t heard back on those, but it’s almost impossible to know what kind of schedule hiring managers are on. Even if they say they’re in a relative hurry to hire someone, that could mean one month instead of two. I no longer have the luxury of waiting. At this point, we have to have money and I’m kind of in the position of taking the first thing I can get, at least for the short term.

In the meantime, I am hoping that all is well in your world, and that you are productive and happy. God be with you!

Just One Victory …

If there are two words that describe my life right now, they would be the ones in the picture above: Epic Fail.

I have been interviewing for jobs and so far there have been two results (which add up to the same thing):

1. You’re overqualified and we really think that you will be bored with this job in six months. (Me: “But I won’t be bored with getting a paycheck!”)

2. “We have reviewed your resume, and while your qualifications are quite impressive, we have chosen a candidate whose background more closely …” yadda, yadda, yadda.

Of course, there are other results as well, such as when you submit your resume to a temporary job firm (I have zero pride about where I work, believe me) and they’re all enthusiastic and tell you “We’ll have no trouble placing you!” and then you sit by the phone and hear nothing. Or you respond to a resume where you have ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING in the job description and write a cover letter that points this out in the nicest possible way and fine-tune your resume to match and you get no response. Not even a “we have reviewed …” letter or email. How long does it take to type out a form e-mail and send it? At least I’d know they saw my name!

All I can figure in the latter case is that they only decided to look at resumes 1-30 and I was number 31. Alternatively, their wife’s cousin’s nephew had to have a job so he got in ahead of me. Or something like that.

I’ve even applied for department store and grocery store work. I guess they saw the graphic design degree and laughed themselves hoarse as they turned the application into confetti and threw a party with it.

From a personal standpoint, there are other issues, too. But I promised not to talk about that, so I won’t.

I’m working on writing — as always, that’s the one good thing I have going on — a couple of stories in my “universe” which are completely different and potentially saleable, but even if that all works out great, it won’t happen tomorrow and right now, I just want some honest work that will bring in a paycheck, no matter how minimal. All I need is “just one victory, and it’ll be all right.”