Jeopardy! (I’ll take “blog post subjects” for $200, Alex!)

I’ve always wanted to be on Jeopardy!  Back a long time ago (let’s not get into numbers, shall we?) I worked for the local ABC affiliate, which is also the station that shows Jeopardy! in Cleveland.

One day, it was announced that the Jeopardy! team was coming to Cleveland to find contestants.  Those of us who worked there were ecstatic, sure we’d have a chance to show our stuff.  Well, we did — but then we found out it wouldn’t count.  King World (which syndicates Jeopardy! and Wheel! of! Fortune! [sarcastic exclamation points mine]) has a strict rule that no one affiliated with the show (including us station employees) could be on the show.  We could take the test, but it wouldn’t count.  I did well enough to be on the show — honest! — but, of course, I wasn’t.

A couple of years ago, Sony started trolling for contestants with an online first-level test.  Ok, I thought, this time it’ll count.  I took the test and then just about went into orbit when I received an email a couple of months later saying I was invited to tryouts at the city of my choice (I picked Pittsburgh, which is about 90 or so miles away).  Then I came back to earth fast, when my husband pointed out that if I passed these tryouts, I’d have to come up with my own cash to get to LA, which we didn’t have.  So he said there was no point in even trying out.  Bowed under the weight of his logic, I didn’t go.

I’ve always regretted that I didn’t at least try, and I’ve not bothered to test again.

Who knows? One day before I’m eligible for Senior Jeopardy! (do they have that?) I may take another shot at it.  And this time, I’ll go as far as I can, even if it’s not LA.


Signs, Signs, Everywhere the Signs …

Five Signs I’ve Spent Too Much Time Writing in My Personal Universe:

5. Calling people ‘Cher/Chère’ (Louisiana pronunciation: ‘shah’) and not
even intending to.
4. Turning ‘th’ into ‘t’ or ‘d’
3. Dropping random French into my sentences, like ‘Mais’ or ‘Bon’
2. Adding extra pronouns to the end of sentences, like ‘Mais, Cher, I’m
t’inkin’ about lunch, me.’
1. Not being able to write a dad-blamed thing that doesn’t have a Cajun
character in it somewhere.

Mais, cher, not that I’m complainin’ or anyt’ing, me. 🙂

[Three] Faces Have I …

I had a good ‘laugh at myself’ moment today, when I realized I had developed three separate personalities for handling calls at work.

One of my faces is businesslike, one is ‘just folks’ and one is my ‘if America had a BBC I’d be broadcasting on it’ phone voice.  I found that if the person I was talking to was in a hurry, or annoyed or very ‘businesslike’ themselves, that’s how I’d react.

The just folks voice is great for small towns, especially down South.  It’s for people who had a friendly approach to the calls.  I love calling the little rural places.  They’re real antidotes to NYC, for example, where everyone’s in a hurry even if they aren’t.

Finally, when I’m dealing with a big company where I feel I need to do some ‘impressing’ to get them to take me seriously, I have this phone voice where I drop half-an-octave and get very smooth.  That’s the funniest one to me, when I think about it. I’m not much of a smoothie in ‘real life’, but I turn into one on the phone.  An old friend of mine told me once that she was sure that one day someone would want to meet the person behind that voice.  Too bad I don’t match up to it! 🙂

A Long, Long Time …

Well, one job has gone to someone else.  It’s the one I personally thought I was the longshot to get — my Access work is back a ways and it seemed likely that there was someone else out there who was going to be in better shape.

The other two jobs? Well, not sure.  I had a great feeling about the Marketing Coordinator job (in an industry related to the one I worked in at Osborn) after the interview, but when I found out they required a ‘personality profile’, well, I’ve pretty much given up on that.  Twice before I was a leading candidate for jobs that required these things, and both times I was shot down solely due to my personality profile.  Either that, or I don’t have a personality :).  Not sure about that, either.

The third job is my best shot, I think.  It’s the one where I’d be a 1099 employee and in charge of my own financial destiny.  I don’t know if it’s just that I’ve given up on the other, but I keep having this feeling that this is where I’m meant to be.  On the other hand, I could go check my Google e-mail and find out that they’ve decided against me.  In that case, so much for destiny.

In other news: The hard part about having someone in your life entirely on a virtual basis is not being completely sure about their sense of humor.  One of my friends on FB put up that viral video of the dog dancing the merengue, and said the dog danced better than he did.  I so badly wanted to post a quip about how the dog probably offered lessons if he really wanted them, but I don’t want to lose him as a friend if I offended him, so I didn’t.  Funny how a sense of humor, which ought to be a bonding thing, so often winds up being divisive, isn’t it? (Hi, TG! You know what I mean …)