Doctor, Doctor, Give me the News …

I’m really torn about the health care thing.

On one hand, I think people should be able to get medical help when they need it without having to go without food and shelter. There are unquestionable problems with the existing system. On the other hand, I have a real problem with the government controlling anything. My own experience (as far as our country goes) is that governmental incompetence is directly proportional to the degree of involvement by the government in anything. I know there are exceptions (France comes to mind), but problems in this country seem to be handled better by the private sector.

Do I have answers? Nope. I wish I did; It’s a conundrum crying out for a solution. And right now, there don’t seem to be any good ones.

On the Sansa: “You’re Beautiful”, James Blunt

So she dances …

Well, I finally got around to seeing my new doctor.  I like him, so far; he’s much better than the condescending Clinic doctor I had for so many years.  The one who misread my symptoms so that I wound up in the ED in observation with severe abdominal pains from a gallbladder attack.

We talked about my working out and not seeing results on the scale.  He ordered some preliminary tests run to check the odd thing here and there, and — believe it or not — I’ll have the results back tomorrow!  I used to wait weeks at CCF and a lot of times I never heard unless I called in.  If they deliver here, that’ll be a big plus in their favor.

I just want to know where I am on this.  Basically, I feel pretty good.  My blood pressure was 116/68 (pas mal!) — I think my blood counts should be normal, and if we can just get this issue licked, I’ll be so happy.  Well, that, and trying to figure out why I have messed up balance and very little coordination.  It’s frustrating; I took ballet and tap classes when I was young and even when I was older and had put on some weight, I could watch someone dance and duplicate what they did.  Now, I consider it a victory to walk without stumbling.

So, we’ll see.

On Rhapsody, “La Ultima Notte”, by Josh Groban