And on your way out …






2016 struck again.

I was bemused by Bowie, bewildered by Rickman and struck dumb by Prince.

But only Gene Wilder (so far) has made me cry.

Mr. Wilder lived a long life and was a comic genius whose films will be important as long as there is someone around to remember them.

Somehow, though, his passing seems the biggest loss to me.  There is a shortage of gentle spirits in this increasingly hostile world, and today, humor in the media seems based on so many wrong things.  Maybe that’s what I’m mourning, that the style and wit that Gene Wilder contributed to his work will go missing from now on.

All I know is (even though, in fairness, this isn’t what I really believe, deep down) that I hope Gilda, Marty Feldman, Madeleine Kahn, Peter Boyle, Cleavon Little, Richard Pryor and all the others who went before Mr. Wilder get to form a rep company and entertain us all in eternity.

RIP,  sir.  You are truly going to be missed.


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