How did I miss out?

I got an email from Medium this morning, with a lead story of “Thoughts from a woman who posts on the internet“.

I was in IT before it was cool for women to be involved with technology — I worked my way up from setting up computers and installing software in the 80s to phone and desktop support to network administration (in the 90s) to VBA/VB/Oracle SQL programming.  I was on the Internet before there was one, back in the days of CI$/GEnie and the Cleveland Freenet.  I have posted my thoughts on a lot of subjects in a lot of different forums (USENET, Compuserve, Yahoo Groups and Facebook/Twitter/etc.), from my faith as a Christian to conservative politics to the Montreal Canadiens to — well, you name it.  My online friends know they can expect almost anything from me.

And in all that time, I have never seen the kind of response the writer of the above post on Medium has.  I don’t know if it’s because I run with a better crowd, because I’ve never been involved with the arrested adolescents who seem to make up an unforunate part of the gaming community or simply because I’m not high profile enough.  Maybe it’s because I’m probably twice her age and not particularly attractive.

All I know is that sort of stupidity and sexism doesn’t have to be part of your daily life on the ‘Net.  For most of us it isn’t.  And I’m sorry for those who face this garbage.  I still want to know why.


One thought on “How did I miss out?

  1. I haven’t gotten any of the extreme behavior that Ms. Tobey has, though I have had some weirdness. Some precautions I automatically take though. For example, I post very few pictures of myself at all, and those I do post are conservative. A picture invites people to comment on your appearance, and you won’t like some of what you hear. It probably hasn’t helped Ms. Tobey that she’s a woman working in a male-dominated field, where some of the trolls are particularly ravenous. If she was posting about something else, like gardening or classic cars, for instance, she might have a very different experience.

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