This word’s meaning made me laugh: Grangerize

First off, I want to acknowledge Phrontistery, without which I could never have done this Challenge.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing such a cool resource!

In scanning the ‘g’ page, I came across today’s word: grangerize.  The reason it made me laugh … well, let me give you the definition for the word:

illustrate (a book) by later insertion of material, esp. prints cut from other works.”

Don’t get it? Maybe it would help if you were, like me, a Harry Potter fan.  Hermione Granger, one of the three “lead” characters of the series, is a bookworm. A MEGA bookworm. Early in the series, she was also an extremely rule-bound bookworm.  I’m trying to imagine the reaction of Hermione of the first three or four books to the idea of cutting up a book for illustration material.

Actually, I’m also trying to imagine my reaction.  That’s one good thing about living now, with the technology available to us.  At least these days, when you “cut and paste”, you don’t need scissors and glue, and you don’t actually damage the source material.


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