All the elves are wearing them — Ferronière

I have been a fan of the Lord of the Rings books which I have read annually (at least) since I was around 15.  Since I’m a lot older than 15 now (let’s not get into specifics, shall we?) that adds up to a lot of reading.

I always liked Tolkien’s elves.  And although I have a lot of complaints with Peter Jackson’s movies, the elves aren’t one of them.

If you’ve seen the movies, you may have noticed that the Elves are partial to wearing jewelry and such around their heads. According to my source, the technical term for such jewelry is today’s word: ferronière.  This was the name used in the 1490s. Apparently the revival of the name in the early to mid 1800s was a bit of a mistake.  Such a headband appeared in a painting of a woman in the 1490s, who was misidentified as the wife of an iron merchant, Le Féron.  So they got it right by accident. 🙂

If you’re still not clear what this looks like, this is a rather elaborate version:












Photo credit: – this is definitely a cool shop and if you’re into Ren Fairs and you’d like some interesting jewelry, I’d recommend it.



2 thoughts on “All the elves are wearing them — Ferronière

    • This has been a lot of fun. Today I should catch up — I’m offline weekends, so I need to make sure I get Saturday and Sunday up and schedule before I leave Friday. 🙂

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