Daybook, 9/10/2013

For today…

Outside my window… the woods around work, beginning to show some Autumn
I am thinking… how much I want to write and how little I seem to be able to
I am thankful for… God’s forgiveness for my multiple stupidities and sins
From the kitchen… Feesh! (Tilapia)
I am wearing… Red plaid shirt and black knit pants — high fashion! 🙂
I am reading… A book about the naval battles surrounding the War of 1812 and a friend’s novel, preparatory to writing a review for his release
I am hoping… for some small amount of money to get to payday
I am creating… Not sure that editing counts as creating, but trying to get my novella into shape for beta readers
I am praying… for peace and resources
Around the house… not much — nice to have things mostly cleaned up!
One of my favorite things… thinking about how I’ll rank and choose players for my fantasy hockey team drafts, coming up in a couple of weeks …

A few plans for the rest of the week… Writing! Maybe a Three Word Wednesday tomorrow; maybe even a Friday Flash.

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