It’s 2013 and time for the “A to Z Challenge”! (And “a” is for “appetite”)

This morning I had a physical for my new job.  The hard part was being weighed.

The last few weeks have been tough on my regimen.  Since I’m not working, exercising is a problem. The weather hasn’t been good, so my walks haven’t been as long as I’d like them to be and I don’t have the cash to pay dues to a fitness club. Since my medical was extended, I have been going to the “Y”, but I only have access part-time. Still, even that little bit helps.

The big problem is fighting my desire to eat.  Some days, it’s no problem. I can eat as I’m supposed to and I’m fine.  Other days, though — oy!

I can pass up salty and sour things. That’s not where my issues are. Sweet stuff is my bete noire. And even if I get it under control (which takes loads of time and discipline, let me tell you!) the smallest slip and I’m back to square one.  Basically, it’s an addiction.  And it’s why I don’t understand the attitude of dieticians who tell you in post-diagnosis training, that it’s okay to have sweets.  From talking to other diabetics, I know I’m not alone in this problem.  Why set people up to fail? Discipline is a good thing for us. Not that I have any, or much, in this case.

The next 30 days are a restarting process (again) for getting my eating under control. I pray for the strength to turn my back on the stuff that I shouldn’t have and in keeping my appetite under control for portion reasons as well.

Adieu, sugar.  Parting is such sweet sorrow.


8 thoughts on “It’s 2013 and time for the “A to Z Challenge”! (And “a” is for “appetite”)

  1. Good luck from me too! Been there, and the long journey still continues. One thing I’ve noticed helping is multi- and D-vitamin pills and fish oil (not fish-liver tho). As your body starts to use the extra fat gained, it takes way more everything to keep ” the machine” going so make sure you help the progress either by eating really, REALLY lots of veggies or those pills I mentioned. But remember to consult your doctor first, I’m not one. (Just sharing what helped me).
    Plus: don’t be too hard on yourself! It really is ok to skip the diet for 10% of time without feeling guilty about it. It takes just shift in your mind to re-program that. Best of luck and keep up the good work!

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