Personal Daybook – A new meme

I am (she said, shamefaced) heisting this way of making my blog more active from the marvellous Emily Priddy, of Red Fork State of Mind fame.  Emily is an English teacher in Oklahoma, with an interest in keeping her students’ minds active, a love for things natural (as well as Cubs baseball) and an abiding concern and love for Route 66.  I highly recommend her blog and beg her pardon for absconding with her meme.

For today…

Outside my window… a hot, semi-overcast Ohio August day, with some promise of rain.  Not counting on it.
I am thinking…  about something to write for Friday Flash
I am thankful for… my job and co-workers. The email department here is good people.
From the kitchen… hummus, garlic flavored
I am wearing… Black knit slacks, my Fathom “Honor the Code” t-shirt and a red plaid shirt that I am very fond of.
I am reading… Raising Frankie by Maeve Binchy.  I’ve only read one of her books before (Evening Class) but when she passed away I thought I’d give her another try.
I am hoping… the Indians will put together a win streak.
I am creating… not much at the moment — except a cleanly swept carpet for the carpet cleaners tomorrow
I am praying… to find a way to balance my faith with compassion in the face of so much anger (in both directions)
Around the house… carpet cleaning tomorrow — and litter box cleaning tonight (sigh…)
One of my favorite things… news from the Habs training camp — waiting for the beginning of the NHL season like a kid waiting for Santa at Christmas.  Too bad I’m stuck with Gary Bettman.
A few plans for the rest of the week… Just working and then a quiet weekend with no unpleasant surprises. Oh, and seeing my colleague John Scheiderer off to his new job.  He’s taking his talents to the Cavaliers’ marketing department.



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