And What Color is the Sky on YOUR Planet?

The BBC published a story today — — about the resurgence of the Baby Box in Europe (and apparently in some places in Canada).

If you’re not familiar with the concept, this is the rebirth of a practice that existed in late medieval Europe. Baby boxes are warm, safe places at a hospital or other location where a parent can anonymously leave their child in safety. They also have the right, should it be necessary, to return if they change their mind (or their circumstances).

I don’t think this is a bad thing at all.  So many times we are horrified by a news story of a new mother leaving her child in a garbage bin because she can’t deal with a birth. Often it’s a teenager who is afraid of parental anger or who doesn’t have any idea of how to be a parent. Quite often the child dies of exposure.  Occasionally they’re rescued. In the meantime the mother has become a criminal and in the end, several lives may be ruined.  So the baby box is a valid idea, in my opinion.

Unfortunately, the people who live in those ivory towers of academia and such places don’t agree.  Kevin Browne of Nottingham University in the UK ( has it that baby boxes violate women’s rights.  Apparently, Dr. Browne is gifted with telepathy or some other special ability which provides him with near-omniscience.  Despite the fact that the whole process is anonymous, he knows that usually it’s not the mother who leaves her child, but a manipulative spouse or pimp. (those men!)

Apparently, the infant’s right to grow up and have rights of his/her own is of no importance.  The University paper quotes a United Nations dictum that says a child being abandoned has its rights violated.  How about getting a new family and parents who love it? Do they not have that right either?

I’m sick beyond words of out of touch academics who are so fixated on liberal causes and ideas that they have no ability to see the individual for the masses. And I’m tired of seeing children’s rights abnegated by other people’s self-interest – before birth or after.


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