“V” is for “I’m being a _Very_ bad writer”. I’m behind again.

This is why I usually don’t try memes.

Real life has a way of swamping my good intentions.  A year or so ago, I started a movie meme a couple of my friends were doing and I think I posted exactly one post.  Maybe two.

Now granted, part of that was due to me not being as movie savvy as my friends — I know this will shock you, but there are tons of good older movies (and when I say older, I mean pre-1950s) and heck — there are a fair number of current good movies — that have never crossed my vision.  So I was a little intimidated at the thought of knowledgeable people reading my posts and going — “Sacre Bleu! Favorite foreign film, CYRANO? The woman is mad.  Has she never seen “La Dolce Vita” or “Pierrot Le Fou” or “The Seventh Seal”? (my note: Yes, yes and no).  It is hard enough as a writer to put yourself out for criticism when you know exactly what you’re doing (or at least think you know). Doing it from a fairly wide base of ignorance was asking for it.  So I let myself get off track and never got back on.

Anyway, this is my shot at catching up, and it was almost a second “U” post until I remembered that I had done “U”. 🙂  The next one won’t be so Seinfeldian.


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