S is for Silver (in my hair!)

I had a “Oh my goodness I’m really getting OLD!” moment last weekend.  We were walking into a store and the wind hit me from the side.  Half my hair blew over for the fun of it and I noticed my reflection in the window.  White hair. And a lot of silver.

I’d been lax about coloring my hair lately, thinking I had the courage to just let it go grey.  Um, no.  The next day (you’re supposed to wait a day after washing your hair before you color, apparently) I grabbed the box of Revlon Colorsilk Strawberry Blonde (I really have to lift the color if I don’t want it to be dark, which doesn’t flatter me) and set to work.

Despite pretreating with hydrogen peroxide, I still have some stubborn recidivist greys that refuse to change. Still, most of it is ok and it’s better than it was.

I guess that means I’m back to denial? 🙂


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