A veritable palette of “I”s

This has been a very colorful morning — I was just thinking of the Donovan song “Wear Your Love Like Heaven”, which is full of cool terms for colors.

Then, in digging through a site that lists interesting words that begin with “I” in hopes of finding a topic for today, it was interesting to see how many of these words related to color.  For instance:

Ianthine – Violet-colored

Ictorine – Yellowish or marked with yellow

Indigo (of course) – Deep Blue Violet Color

Iridian – Having the colors of the rainbow

Isabelline – Greyish-yellow

Isochr0ous – Having a uniform color

Ivorine – White and smooth, like ivory

Infernate – Smoky, blackened

Incarnadine – Carnation-colored, blood-red

Inaurate – Gilded, golden

Idiochromatic – Having unique or distinctive coloration

These are obviously not words likely to come in casual conversation, most of them.  In fact, they make me think of paintings of the Pre-Raphaelite or Romanticist school, colorful, vivid images, like this one:

Schooner in Fairhaven Harbor, Sunrise Oil Painting by William Bradford

And here endeth the vocabulary lesson for today.

As J.S. Bach used to write, Soli Deo Gloria!

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