“B” is for Books

I had intended a different post for today, but I’ve deferred it for “Q” (you’ll see why when we get there.  Besides, “Q” would be a hard letter otherwise.)

Is there anything as good as books?

All apologies to the Nook and Kindle crowds — ebooks have their place — but there’s nothing quite so wonderful, IMHO, as the smell of ink and paper and the solid feeling of a book in your hand. I can’t imagine going anywhere without something to read — I think I’d go nuts — and it helps to know I don’t have to plug a book in or worry about losing my connection.

Besides, books can start conversations or discussions (or even debates), help form friendships and talk to total strangers about you without making a sound. How nice is it to have a kindred spirit lean over on the bus and say, “I read that! How are you liking it so far?” Sometimes you can get references about other books — I’ve gotten so picky about what I read. Nowadays, if you can’t catch me and make me want to read past the first four pages, you’re back on the shelf.  But if you come with references — ah, then you get more of a chance to please me.

Every time I read that books are “going away”, I laugh.  The day may come when there are fewer, but as long as my library and I exist, they’ll never go away completely.

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