Pieces of April …


Yes, I know it’s March. But having just gone through the most bizarre Winter (as far as weather goes) that I can remember, I’m willing to take the current weather, even if it does seem to have jumped ahead a month.

Even the trees are confused.  We drove down a road in Euclid and all the trees were budding. Several friends have mentioned that daffodils and crocuses are coming up ahead of schedule.  And yesterday, I heard a mourning dove, which I always think of as a summer sound.

I keep telling myself it’s too early to have spring fever, but I do anyway.  It’s hard to stop at work — part of me wants to hit the road, just go and go and never look back.  Of course, I can’t.  Of course, I won’t.  But, oh, I want to.

Of course, time will move on and I’ll get over it until sometime in October.  Then I’ll get Fall fever.  But I’ll still be right here, sadly.

Anyone know a kindly millionaire who’d give me enough to live on for six months? 🙂


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