Weight Loss II: Back to the Future

The weight loss has stalled. I’m where I was at my low point in the Summer of 2010 and while I’ve lost a few more inches, the pounds aren’t budging.

I’ve decided that there are three reasons for this (I think):

  1. Some occasionally BAD eating choices (get thee behind me, lasagna! [note: and it did, trust me…])
  2. Not doing as much weightlifting. This time around I’m doing more swimming and water aerobics. I need to work weight lifting back into the routine.
  3. Having developed the bad habit of waking up in “fight or flight” mode and then laying awake worrying about the hole in the ozone layer and lots of other similar things I have no control over and no way of solving. This is a problem for two reasons: one, I’m not getting enough sleep, which every weightloss/fitness expert in the known universe says is critical and two, I’m sure I’m generating enough cortisol to drown a small island nation, which is also supposed to be a problem, especially with weight around the middle. Sigh.

I want this so badly — to keep seeing the pounds come off, even if they do it slowly.  Just to see the scale drop and keep on doing it. So I’m considering Tom Venuto’s “Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle”.  Not that I have any secret yen to look like a female bodybuilder (somehow I can’t get the image of Jim Carrey’s “Vera De Milo” character from “In Living Color” out of my head)

Jim Carrey as Vera De Milo on "In Living Color"

but a lot of people seem to have used his plan safely and seen results, so maybe I should give it a go.  It’s ultimately my choice about how low a BF% I hit (assuming I can get things kick started). So — onward and downward, yet again?

(since 11/4/2011: +/-0.00%; since 3/1/2011: -5.74%)


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