Weight Loss II: To Everything … There is a Season

I spent the weekend thinking: about the change of seasons, the problems I’m having getting my eating back under control and about loving people who aren’t going to love back.  With the exception of the beautiful Autumn weather this weekend, it wasn’t a particularly happy set of thoughts.

Bally’s was on the menu this weekend, though, both Saturday and Sunday.  The major reason I chose BTF over the Y was that Bally’s has AbBenches.  (They also have PowerFlex classes, but that didn’t come into play until after I joined). So I did core exercises Saturday and then decided to do some more Sunday, which is not one of my more inspired decisions. I quit after one sequence when my abs decided to remind me that they were muscles, too, and needed  a day off.

I did swim both days and I’m feeling that in my arms and pecs this morning. Aleve is my friend. 🙂

I’m holding off on weighing in until Fridays from now on.  I intend to get back to daily workouts and I want to see how that will play in to weight change.  If it does. If I can break the carb habit I’m having.  Down, sugar!  Away from me! 🙂

(since 9/7/2011: +1 .47%; since 3/1/2011: 5.74%)

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