Weight Loss, Round II: Slowly I Turned

Only a little over a half pound off this week. Sigh.  I can’t complain though — I had a seriously bad Saturday, including a turtle sundae (*hangs head*). Weekends are bad because at work I only bring what I’m allowed to have. At home, resisting temptation is a lot harder.  Not that I usually give in and pig out or anything, but I know I don’t do as well there as otherwise.

I bought an Omron body fat analyzer off Ebay so I can test that as well and have another metric.  I do hope I’m building (or at least maintaining) lean muscle mass.  I’m trying very hard to keep my protein levels up — got to be the hardest part. At least in theory (according to the websites I’ve read) I should be getting 130-150 g of protein.  Most days, I feel happy if I make it to 100.  And that’s with all the changes I’ve made.  I can’t imagine how badly I was doing before when I ate willy-nilly.

My intention is to go to the Y tonight and do water aerobics.  I hope I can. I’ve been so horribly tired lately.

(since 7/13/2011: .20%; since 3/1/2011: 4.37%)


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