Weight Loss, Round II

My new company has had a contest this year, from March 1 to June 1 and now until September 1, to encourage us to eat better, exercise, et al.

I didn’t do much with the first half of the contest, to my everlasting regret. I don’t know if I couldn’t get serious about it or if the outside forces on my life worked against me, but when I got “officially” weighed on June 1, I had lost a whole .8 of a pound. Yippee.

Now, though, I seem to have found my second wind.  I am walking 2.2 miles four workdays a week (Wednesday is a no-go unless I can get in early) and on Saturdays. I hope that beginning Wednesday I will be able to go to the YMCA in Euclid 2x a week to do water aerobics or swim and maybe even more than that, if I can ever get out of bed early – I’d love to have a full set of weights, etc., to do lifting.  We have dumbbells and a Bosu Ball (or whatever they’re called) and I do what I can, but I’d love to have access to an Ab-bench, a Universal machine and some barbells, too.  If we go to the Y on Wednesday, I’ll have a better sense of what’s available and take it from there.

The best part is that I FINALLY seem to have my eating under control.  For the past two weeks, I’ve been able to 1) stick to eating what I bring with me, and 2) bypass what I shouldn’t.  I’m proud that I’ve been able to walk by things that tempt me and not give in.  I’ve also enlisted the help of a co-worker who gives me the evil eye to keep me on the straight and narrow – LOL. I’m keeping track of food and exercise on http://www.fitday.com: http://fitday.com/fitness/PublicJournals.html?Owner=jmacleve. You can see what I’m eating and how I’m working out (at least during the week when I have internet access). I’m being completely honest.  There’s no point in lying about this. I’m totally serious about my efforts and according to the same scale I was weighed on last week, I’ve lost almost 2%. It may not seem like much, but last year when it was just working out and not getting the eating under control, I never saw that kind of change. I was toning, but not really losing a lot of weight. I am encouraged by this.

In addition, there’s this ongoing debate about water and it’s role (or non-role) in weight loss. I have a 2-quart pitcher full of water on my desk, and I’ve been drinking 2-3 of them every day.  At home, I have a 2-gallon container with a tap and I keep a 1 liter bottle full so I drink water and not milk all the time. I think this helps, if only because it seems to kill my appetite. If it gets boring, I drop a flavored tea bag in it and that helps, too.

Now. I’ve studiously avoided putting a “real” picture of me up from any time recently on the Internet.  I have elementary school, jr. high and high school pictures of me up all over the place (especially on Facebook) and there’s that troublesome avatar that I’ve been using. I decided to put this one up. It is of me at my best weight loss period last year. I have a long way to go, since I have to get back there and then keep going, but here it is.

The only thing I reserve mentioning is my actual weight.  I’m not secure enough to do that.  In fact, from now on, I’m going to mention my percentages when I weigh in once a week (which is what we’re supposed to do for the company competition). When I’m done, I may regale you with a real number. Until then … 🙂

From June 1 for June 8:

(1.73% this week; 1.97% overall)


3 thoughts on “Weight Loss, Round II

  1. So glad I finally get to see what you look like! I’ve gone off the wagon for a while now too with regards to how I eat and there’s no excuse because veggies are my fave thing and I love salads too. I eat a lot of fruit and seafood. My problem is portion control & I’m lazy. I also don’t like cooking much, but I like to eat a lot. So I grab any old thing out of the freezer and 99% of the time it’s a quick fix and thus really terrible for me. I’ve also lapsed in the exercise department as well, but having read your post I’m inspired to do better. I also dislike drinking water. HATE it with a passion, even the flavored stuff. I’m a coffee gal. And booze. I like booze.

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