I am just a poor (girl) though my story’s seldom told …

There’s been this #100factsaboutme hashtag that’s been trending on and off in Twitter. I started to them online one night and got to about 20 and gave up. Then my Tweep @Tygerlylly did hers in her blog and I decided to follow suit. Without further ado, here’s part one (1-50) facts about me. I’ll put the others up later! 🙂

1. My legal name is Janet Marie Lingel Aldrich.

2. I’m adopted.

3. I didn’t find out I was adopted until both my adoptive parents had passed away.

4. My birth name was Beth Williams.

5. I’ve met my birth father. He’s a retired college professor.

6. My birth mom never told her family I existed, so we have no contact.

7. I have an adopted sister, three half-sisters and a half-brother. Have never met any of the “halfs”.

8. Growing up, I thought I was Irish-German, but after I discovered my birth parents, I found out I’m mostly Welsh, with some Scots, English, Norman and German. No Irish, AFAIK.

9. I’m the great-great-granddaughter of a Confederate cavalry officer. Not sure how I feel about that.

10. I’m also the great-great-grandniece of some of Quantrill’s Raiders. Definitely not sure how I feel about that.

11. I’ve lived my whole life in Northeast Ohio; born in Akron, lived in Brimfield, moved to Cleveland and now live in Euclid. (sorry, couldn’t find a “D” town to move to in order to make that perfect)

12. In 8th grade I was the Portage County Spelling Bee champ.

13. I went to the State Science Fair twice in high school.

14. Graduated from high school a year early and was in college the last year I was in high school. I have no idea now why I did this.

15. I grew up on what amounted to a small farm.

16. We grew about an acre’s worth of garden every summer from the first I can remember until my dad passed away when I was 21.

17. My first (unofficial) job was selling the vegetables we grew. Good training for doing computer support. Especially when it comes to answering stupid questions. “Is this corn grown here?” – asked standing five feet in front of the corn field where the corn was picked.

18. I love the smell of cut grass and hay.

19. I’m an evangelical Christian, although I grew up Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.

20. I learned a little German growing up, took Spanish in HS, Russian in college & have taught myself some Irish, ASL & French (mostly Quebecois, but I’ve learned some Cajun French, too)

21. My hair (on its own) has by turns been blonde, ash blonde, ash brown, brown, chestnut and auburn – and is heading for silver. Sigh.

22. My eyes change color depending on what I wear. Basically they’re grey-green, although as a little girl, they were blue. Go figure.

23. The first car I “owned” was a black Pontiac Fiero. Loved that car.

24. I love hockey and the Montreal Canadiens, dating back to the Guy LaFleur days.

25. I was a Cleveland Barons fan, but they left town. I don’t take rejection (by sports teams) well.

26. I wanted to play shortstop for the Cleveland Indians growing up.

27. My favorite player then was Frank Duffy.

28. I love to read, and have been known to read dictionaries if nothing else is available.

29. I write poetry. Have written a lot of haiku lately.

30. I write stories of varying lengths … from twitfic to chaptered fiction.

31. I have two novels and a novella in process.

32. To finish one of the novels, I need to take a trip to Acadian Louisiana. And stay for a while.

33. I like to walk for exercise.

34. I have a paralegal certificate, though I don’t use it now

35. I worked for 20 years in IT — support, installation, troubleshooting, programming and training.

36. Almost everything I know about computers I learned on the job.

37. I read the Lord of the Rings, the first 3 books of the Dune series and the Chronicles of Narnia once a year every year (since I was about 15). Will probably add the Harry Potter and Temeraire books to that.

38. I like to cross-country ski.

39. Considering how much I admire Pierre Jalbert, I wish could downhill ski — but me & downhill & any kind of speed don’t mix. Plus I wrecked my knee the one and only time I tried.

40. I have a secret (or not so secret) desire to learn to fence sabre.

41. When I meet people in RL, I probably surprise them because I’m pretty quiet, compared how much I talk online.

42. My sense of humor runs to puns, wordplay and the ridiculous – but my favorite Marx Brother is Harpo Marx, not Groucho or Chico.

43. Like Harpo, I tend to believe in people until I’m proven wrong, and even then I give them the benefit of the doubt.

44. People matter a lot to me, and I get burned because I usually care more than they do.

45. I love music – all kinds.

46. Well, almost all kinds. Not much into rap or heavy metal. Other than that, though …

47. My absolute favorite popular group is U2. Fell in love with them almost from the beginning.

48. I adore Cajun music. My favorite Cajun act is D. L. Menard.

49. The best I can do with Christian music is narrow it down to three people/groups: Newsboys, Fernando Ortega and Michael Card.

50. Also adore Josh Groban.


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