One way or another …

Le Twitter, c’est moi.

LOL, no, I haven’t developed delusions of grandeur — at least no worse than usual, thank you — it’s just that thanks to my new job and the #gohabsgo hashtag, I’ve kind of become the Twitter queen here at work and off the job, I use it far more than FB these days.

About two months ago, we had an impromptu meeting of our department, and decided that we should have a bigger share of the marketing/PR for our company.  So it was determined that each member of the email department was responsible for one tweet a day, which we were going to forward to my boss for tweeting.

Except I guess I looked excited and it was decided that I should become Twitter Leader. So now it’s MY job to ride herd on everyone, gather the materials and Tweet them every work day.

In the process, I started using Twitter more myself.  I’d been using it to post notifications about my #FridayFlash posts before this, but really hadn’t started using it seriously.  I had a bigger Facebook presence.  But in the meantime, the primary relationship I kept FB for went south in a major way and I also started meeting people on Twitter who were Habs fans.  So now I watch the games on whatever feed is coming through most clearly (side note: Thhhptptpt! to the idiots at the FBI who decided [just before the Super Bowl, mind you] that they would shut down ATDHE; Twits) It’s usually RDS, when I can get it, TSN if not and sometimes the opposition’s broadcast, when desperate.  And I’m also on Twitter, watching the #gohabsgo search feed, enjoying my Tweeps’ comments and making some of my own.  It’s given me the opportunity to use my French on the fly, too. I love the instant interactivity of Twitter and I can also (for all the good it does me) cross-post to FB if I want to, with the #FB hashtag.

I remember fighting using Twitter — I couldn’t imagine how I would use it.  Initially, my signup was when Ashton Kutcher and CNN were ‘racing’ for followers. Now I’ve got almost 600 followers of my own, between other writers, other Habs fans, coworkers and SEO/Email people.

And I’ve got to be honest.  I like it a lot better than Facebook.  Just sayin …

Now Playing on iTunes: “Longfellow Serenade”, Neil Diamond

p.s. You can follow me at @TEC4_Cleveland

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