Workin …

I am really thrilled that my new job is turning out so well.

In the past, I always wondered what it would be like to work for one of those Silicon Valley start-ups, or somewhere like Google, etc. Now I think I have an idea. šŸ™‚

The company I work for does Internet marketing. My job, specifically, is designing and tracking emails for a large for-profit college group, to generate leads (potential students). You may have gotten some of our product in your inbox.

It’s cool, because I get to edit/write copy, do graphic design work, code (or I will, as I get better at PHP) and analyze data. Everything I enjoy doing is part of this job (well, almost everything! šŸ™‚ ). At least my professional interests are covered. I still haven’t found a job that will pay me for watching hockey or writing short stories! LOL!

The added benefit is that my co-workers are generally younger than I am and the whole corporate culture is pretty freewheeling, at least compared to the places I’ve worked in the past. Someone messed up and we all got an email about the error. One of my colleagues in the email department sent out a response reminding her that the penalty for spamming was $14,000 per incident. Times the 80 of us it got sent to. He totalled it up and told her to “Lawyer Up”. Not only that, he sent it out to the entire company. All that happened was that we all got a good laugh. I’ve worked places where that would have gotten him reprimanded at the very least. The week before, someone commented on the admin assistant’s email about a problem in the men’s room, with stats as to which restroom had had the most problems: Men’s or Women’s. The company president asked for the ROI on that in a follow-up email. I can’t repeat the response to THAT, but again … not the kind of interaction I’m used to. But boy do I enjoy it!

The last thing I love is that I can’t remember ever working in a place where people were so collaborative and relatively attitude-free. Now I know I’ve only been here for a couple of months, and I’m sure there are some tensions I just don’t pick up on. Still, I don’t see the ultra-corporate, I’m in it for me BS that was a part of nearly every other job I’ve had.

They’ve even given me a “leader” position — I’m responsible for adding publicity on Twitter for our (email) group. Everyone feeds me links and I use CoTweet to post five or six a day. I’m to learn as much about Twitter and how we can use it as I can. I also write (along with everyone else on a rotating basis) posts for the company blog.

It’s nice, you know, despite everything else going on, to have nine or so hours a day when I’m pretty happy. Thank you, Lord. I needed that. Do you think you could do something about the Canadiens defense and help Alex Auld so he can successfully spell Carey Price? Amen.


2 thoughts on “Workin …

    • It’s a neat place to work … now granted, I think I’m the oldest person there, but they don’t seem to hold my creaking joints against me! šŸ™‚

      Plus, they’re starting a new program where they reimburse up to a certain amount for anything classified as physical fitness and I’ve been told that fencing lessons qualify. So hopefully, come January 21, I’ll get to start!

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