A Change is Gonna Come …

I suppose I’m a little early for this, but coming up on the end of the year has led me to assess several parts of my life. A change is gonna come for sure.

I can see me leaving some online affiliations behind. One member of a group I belong to posted a question. I posted what I believed was an intelligent, straightforward answer, and I wasn’t trying to show off — just be helpful. No response.

Three days later, someone else answered the same question, saying they hadn’t seen if anyone answered, but … then they turned around and provided an answer which reflected mine, and in the follow-up, they used the same author I referenced and several of the terms from my answer. That felt like a real kick in the face. Too bad they don’t have the guts to just say “we don’t want to hear from you”, huh?

I’ve changed my membership to one where I have to be proactive instead of getting notice of postings. Eventually, I’ll develop the backbone to just leave. It’s too bad how things fall apart. One day I’ll figure out what it is I do that pisses off people — hopefully it’ll be before I’m too old to have friends.

Facebook may be gone before long, too. Or at least I need to review my friends’ list. So much interests me — I know I’ve lost people (or I should say, that people have blocked me) because I post too much. Twitter’s more forgiving of that and I’m spending more time there as a result.

I’ve tried to cut back on FB, but it doesn’t seem to help. And the single most important person, the one I keep FB for, primarily, is among the blockers. I’m almost certain, as well, that one of my other so-called friends has contacted him, to my detriment. I wish hearts came with off switches. 😦 I also wish I was better at who I chose to care about.)

Unfortunately, because my new job is so involved with social media, I can’t just go away from FB altogether, but I can cut back. I hope. I intend to, anyway.

Finally … I’m near the end with my personal life. I want to live somewhere else. Anywhere else. I’m considering a move to Montreal or somewhere in Acadian Louisiana. If I don’t do something soon, I’m going to wind up in a home for the dreadfully bewildered.

It’s too bad, too. Because I really like my new job. Well, it’s not going to happen right away, money being what it is. But it’s going to happen. Somehow. Some way. Please, God.

2 thoughts on “A Change is Gonna Come …

  1. This reminds me of why I post so little online in groups anymore. I call myself “the thread killer” in private. Every time I seem to comment on something, that conversation seems to stop dead. I’m always thinking what the heck did I say? I blow it off, but when it keeps happening, I have to wonder. Is it me, or what I said, or just a random happenstance? But then, group postings are awkward to read in proper order and keep straight and I know I miss posts sometimes, so other people must as well. They haven’t yet developed an interface that I think is really effective for board discussions.

    Hang in there! And know I’m thinking of you all the time.

    • Thank you, so very much. I do understand what you mean, because I seem to be able to kill threads with a single post, as well. 🙂

      I think of you as well … take care, Deb.

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