Item 2 – Most Underrated Film

[Note: You’ll see that this says ‘item’. I’m way behind on this and will try to post more than one item today. I’m also giving up on picking a before/after 1970s film. Just one in each category.]

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade – All the praise in this series is usually reserved for “Raiders of the Lost Ark”, but in my humble opinion, this third offering is the best of the four. I’m probably affected by the presence of Sean Connery, who is one of my favorite all-time actors, but for me, the plot hangs together better here than in the original, and Connery handles the comedy inherent in his part with a panache that would surprise those who have only seen him in his usual action star persona. The only weak link is Alison Doody, whose character, Dr. Ilsa Schneider, comes in second to Karen Allen’s Marian Ravenscroft (but still miles ahead of Mrs. Spielberg’s bubbleheaded sidekick.)


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