Try to Remember …

Things have been so bizarro lately, what with me being ready to collapse into bed by the time I get home, and the work deal and writing and all, that I’ve not been posting here for awhile.

My friend Deb Koren, writer and writing teacher extraordinaire, has a blog of her own and she’s wrapping up a 30-day meme that I thought would kill the time between now and the commencement of NaNoWrimo nicely.

It’s a list of movies in various categories. I’ve only done a few reviews of movies here, but I might as well try something completely different (thank you Monty Python). Like Deb, I’m going to pick two films for each… one movie made before 1970, one made 1970 to present. (or at least try to. I’m not as versed in pre-1970s movies as Deb is, but I’ll give it my best shot!)

Coming Attractions (beginning October 1) are:

Day 1 – Favourite foreign film
Day 2 – Most underrated film
Day 3 – A film that makes you happy
Day 4 – A film that makes you sad
Day 5 – Favourite love story in a film
Day 6 – Favourite actor/actress
Day 7 – The best plot twist/ending
Day 8 – The best opening/closing credits
Day 9 – The best soundtrack/score to a film
Day 10 – Favourite classic film
Day 11 – A film that you hate
Day 12 – A film that changed your opinion about something
Day 13 – A guilty pleasure
Day 14 – A film that you used to love but now hate
Day 15 – Favourite film sequel
Day 16 – Film character you relate to the most
Day 17 – Favourite film quote
Day 18 – A film that you wish more people had seen
Day 19 – The most hilarious film you’ve seen
Day 20 – A film you wish someone would make
Day 21 – Favourite film from your favourite actor/actress
Day 22 – Favourite documentary
Day 23 – Favourite animated film
Day 24 – Favourite film based on a book/comic/etc.
Day 25 – Favourite film villain
Day 26 – A film that you love but everyone else hates
Day 27 – A film you wish you had seen in theatres
Day 28 – Favourite film from your favourite director
Day 29 – Favourite film from your childhood
Day 30 – Your favourite film of all time


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