So I’ll Keep On Waiting …

I submitted a story tonight; I think this is the third or fourth.

One was to a contest and that I won’t hear about until November, if I remember correctly. The second was a piece of flash fiction, but I don’t know when I’ll hear about that. Maybe never. The third was tonight, a piece of my heart that a friend really did a good editing job on. I’m a little scared about this one, because I’m not sure how much I can promote it, at least to one group of friends. It cuts pretty close to the bone. I keep thinking there was another story out there somewhere, but I guess not. If I’m wrong, I’m sure I’ll hear from someone and then I can post about that.

I have another Combat! story in the works and after this one is done, I may go back and see if I can salvage the “Silver Service” follow up. I’m part of one Combat! group and used to be part of another, which I monitor occasionally. Other than the zine stories on both sides, (theirs is still in process, from what I’ve been told), and the odd ficlet or flash, no one else seems to be writing. I don’t know if the fandom has run its course or it’s just how things are right now, but I can’t stop writing and no one else seems to start. Kind of a lonely feeling, actually.

I’m not doing much with Guardian Angel right now. I have a “Nonc Pierre in WWI” story I’m kicking around, and when I got a book about Cajuns I’d ordered, I had another idea — this one is young Denis and Pierre — but I’ve put that aside for the nonce. About four or five pages are done, but I’ve run into a “how do I finish this” issue, plus wondering if Americans (not pilots, like the Lafayette Espadrille) volunteered to fight for the English or French. I may have to read “A Call to Arms”; we just saw the Rock Hudson/Jennifer Jones movie and I got the feeling he was fighting with the French. And if you did, and survived, did Americans get released to fight with their compatriots once the US entered the war? Because I have this thing about research and accuracy, I can’t just plow ahead and make things up. Oh, I could, I suppose, but it just wouldn’t feel right.

I have another thing I’m working on; it’s a light comedy/romance/mystery kind of thing that could be a novel, I think. Something entertaining for the Christian fiction market, perhaps. I want to use that for NaNo this year. I was going to do the GA novel, but I seriously need to find a way to spend some time, even a minimal amount, in Louisiana first. Somehow. This IS going to happen!

My #FridayFlash last week is also a mystery. It was hard to do in 1000 words or less, (in fact, to be honest, I think it went a little over – don’t report me to the Rules Committee, okay?) but I think there’s a very good story there if I work it into something longer. Maybe I’ll try for the Holy Grail of mystery writers — Alfred Hitchcock! Although I’m not sure if they read stuff “over the transom”. Better find out!

So, back to “Mon Coozan”. Like the fourth part of “Here Endeth the Lesson”, I know it will all come to me at once and I’ll barely be able to keep up with my thoughts while typing. But I like that. When the words are really flowing, it’s intoxicating!

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