[Three] Faces Have I …

I had a good ‘laugh at myself’ moment today, when I realized I had developed three separate personalities for handling calls at work.

One of my faces is businesslike, one is ‘just folks’ and one is my ‘if America had a BBC I’d be broadcasting on it’ phone voice.  I found that if the person I was talking to was in a hurry, or annoyed or very ‘businesslike’ themselves, that’s how I’d react.

The just folks voice is great for small towns, especially down South.  It’s for people who had a friendly approach to the calls.  I love calling the little rural places.  They’re real antidotes to NYC, for example, where everyone’s in a hurry even if they aren’t.

Finally, when I’m dealing with a big company where I feel I need to do some ‘impressing’ to get them to take me seriously, I have this phone voice where I drop half-an-octave and get very smooth.  That’s the funniest one to me, when I think about it. I’m not much of a smoothie in ‘real life’, but I turn into one on the phone.  An old friend of mine told me once that she was sure that one day someone would want to meet the person behind that voice.  Too bad I don’t match up to it! 🙂


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