It’s My Destiny …

Aching so bad today. I’d forgotten for some time (due to lack of bad symptoms) that I have fibromyalgia, but the last few weeks have brought it back to mind quite vividly.

It does seem to help to work out. I never hurt while I’m working out, only after. Getting off the treadmill can be quite the adventure … suddenly all the trigger points are screaming bloody murder and I’m moving more slowly than I was just a moment ago. Still, I think I feel better than I would if I was not working out, if you know what I mean.

Four calls today — one for sure interview (the lowest paying job, of course), one for sure but not scheduled interview, one phone interview with promise and one “we’re still waiting to hear from the client” call. Not that I’m complaining — nothing’s harder than sending off resumes and e-mails and faxes and not hearing anything.

In the old days, when most resumes were mailed, I used to joke that the mailman must be reading them and throwing them away. Now I sometimes wonder if there’s an email waystation where someone else performs the same function. How else to explain how you can be perfectly qualified for something and yet never hear from the potential employer?

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