I Will Survive …

Defiance, (2008)

Last night we saw a double feature of James Bond movies at Playhouse Square (Palace Theatre) complete with cartoons and the “Mighty Wurlitzer”! 🙂

In between, there was the inevitable discussion, comparing Bonds. After Sean Connery — of course — my husband still likes Roger Moore (whose “Spy Who Loved Me” was the second of the two movies), while I held out for Timothy Dalton, who I think is the closest of all the Bonds to the way Ian Fleming originally wrote him. We both like Pierce Brosnan (especially in “Goldeneye”) and neither has much use for George Lazenby’s turn (no offense, sir). What we also both agreed on was that Daniel Craig was wrong for the part. But we also think that his performance as Bond doesn’t take away from the fact that he is a very good actor. Our opinions are based in large part on his performance as Tuvia Bielski in Defiance.

I don’t suppose it’s much of a surprise that I’d never heard of the Bielski brothers and their fight for survival (along with more than 1,000 others) in Poland during the German invasion and occupation of that country. I’d bet I wasn’t alone, not by a long chalk. I suspect that for every Oskar Schindler and Tuvia Bielski, there were ten more tales of heroism that no one ever knew but the people involved.

Defiance tells the story of how the Bielskis (portrayed by Craig, the always-wonderful Liev Schreiber and Jamie Bell (probably best known as the eponymous Billy Elliot)) fought to survive the German roundup, deportation and murder of the Jews in the forests of Poland, along with 1,000+ others they convinced to stay with them.

On the IMDB board, this movie stirred up a lot of debate as to how noble the Bielskis and those who fought with them really were, and there is one scene where you think “Did that really happen?” (a battle at the climax), but all in all, it is a fine story of courage in the face of evil and survival. I really was moved by it, and recommend it.


2 thoughts on “I Will Survive …

  1. What was the other half of the double-feature? Fun to go to revival theaters, and that would sounds really neat! I would do it much more often if I lived closer to where they all are out here.

    And I love that there are different Bonds to suite everybody’s tastes and needs. It’s quite cool, actually.

  2. Oh, darn. I forgot to mention that! It was “Goldfinger”.

    My favorite Bond movie is “From Russia with Love”. All the gadgets were real and it was a true Cold War spy movie, without the supervillains and some of the silliness that crept into later movies.

    The theatre doesn’t run movies normally; I don’t know if you ever went to Playhouse Square when you were here, but the Palace is one of the five major theatres in the district, along with the State, the Ohio, the Allan and the Hanna. (There are four others as well.) Every August for the past several years (may be as much as 10) they’ve put movies up on the big screen in the Palace, with the organ and cartoons before. This year they started off with a Wizard of Oz singalong, which was a LOT of fun. One year, they ran the first FOUR Bond movies all in a row. Which, yes, we went to. 🙂

    You can learn a little more about the restored theatres (some BEAUTIFUL detailing there) at this link:


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