If You Must Return It You Can Send It Here …

Well, that was invigorating. I got two nice comments and a new FB/Twitter friend out of yesterday’s #FridayFlash. I’m already working on next week’s and am returning to my regularly scheduled writing a little more powered up. Nice feeling!

I’ve also created a separate blog for Flash Writing: it’s not completely set up, but it will be at demonesprit.wordpress.com. That’s “De Mon Esprit” — out of my spirit, not “Demon Esprit”. Sigh.

A good set of workouts this week. I had my 25,000 mile check up at the club (hee). Good news: Strength and Endurance are at a good place and I have lost some inches. Bad news: Not losing weight. :(. Still think it’s the eating. I feel better, though and I wonder if fibro melts when you’ve worked out well. I had a bad week with it, lots of pain and horribly tired, but after the last five days, I do feel better than I did on Monday.

No news on the job front, but I expect that I will hear something, for good or ill, on the three jobs I am (as far as I know) still in the running for at this point. I have two other resumes in, one for here in Cleveland and one in Medina County. Haven’t heard back on those, but it’s almost impossible to know what kind of schedule hiring managers are on. Even if they say they’re in a relative hurry to hire someone, that could mean one month instead of two. I no longer have the luxury of waiting. At this point, we have to have money and I’m kind of in the position of taking the first thing I can get, at least for the short term.

In the meantime, I am hoping that all is well in your world, and that you are productive and happy. God be with you!


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