Just One Victory …

If there are two words that describe my life right now, they would be the ones in the picture above: Epic Fail.

I have been interviewing for jobs and so far there have been two results (which add up to the same thing):

1. You’re overqualified and we really think that you will be bored with this job in six months. (Me: “But I won’t be bored with getting a paycheck!”)

2. “We have reviewed your resume, and while your qualifications are quite impressive, we have chosen a candidate whose background more closely …” yadda, yadda, yadda.

Of course, there are other results as well, such as when you submit your resume to a temporary job firm (I have zero pride about where I work, believe me) and they’re all enthusiastic and tell you “We’ll have no trouble placing you!” and then you sit by the phone and hear nothing. Or you respond to a resume where you have ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING in the job description and write a cover letter that points this out in the nicest possible way and fine-tune your resume to match and you get no response. Not even a “we have reviewed …” letter or email. How long does it take to type out a form e-mail and send it? At least I’d know they saw my name!

All I can figure in the latter case is that they only decided to look at resumes 1-30 and I was number 31. Alternatively, their wife’s cousin’s nephew had to have a job so he got in ahead of me. Or something like that.

I’ve even applied for department store and grocery store work. I guess they saw the graphic design degree and laughed themselves hoarse as they turned the application into confetti and threw a party with it.

From a personal standpoint, there are other issues, too. But I promised not to talk about that, so I won’t.

I’m working on writing — as always, that’s the one good thing I have going on — a couple of stories in my “universe” which are completely different and potentially saleable, but even if that all works out great, it won’t happen tomorrow and right now, I just want some honest work that will bring in a paycheck, no matter how minimal. All I need is “just one victory, and it’ll be all right.”

2 thoughts on “Just One Victory …

  1. Tana says:

    Oh man Janet, you are so singing my song. For each of those responses I get, I want to scream – I KNOW I’m overqualified, but I still need a JOB!!!!! A friend and I call it the penalty for being educated and successful. The flunkies get to work, and your payoff for getting an education and years of experience is what? Applying for welfare when the unemployment runs out? Should we create and alternate resume with NO work experience on it? Tell them we’ve been stay at home moms since high school, so no references to check?

    The Epic Fail isn’t you, it’s this economy. It’s the fact that we as a nation have exported nearly all of our manufacturing jobs to foreign countries and now have nowhere to work. I have met the enemy, and he is us. And he trundles off like lemmings to Walmart to fill his home with cheap imported crap because it costs less than the domestic crap that supports US workers, that in turn support each other. No Chinese folks over here buying the stuff WE make other than the national debt (which is our #1 product these days) is there? Why is it so plain to me, yet so elusive to politicos that we NEED at least SOME mfg. jobs here in the US????

    • TEC4 says:

      We are so on the same page.

      I remember back when Cleveland’s steel industry (LTV in particular) was tanking. Some woman economist or other “expert” wrote this exasperated article, the tenor of which was “we don’t NEED manufacturing jobs in America!” I was so angry — why do these idiots think everyone wants to sit behind a computer all day?

      When our dads got home from WWII or Korea, they went into factories, most of them. Mine did. He took home a good paycheck and did his job. No way he would have fit into an office position; he’d have laughed at the very idea.

      God help this country — her government and a lot of her citizens sure aren’t!

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