They Got a Name for the Winners in the World …

Well, I haven’t won anything yet, but I’d like to. has a contest where you can win your heart’s desire from Etsy, the craft market (as long as it all costs less than $100).

My own list would include:

A really beautiful bracelet by Artisan Jouel. In the description, it’s said the bracelet can be modified or created in a different crystal. I’d love for it to be purple, and it should probably be a scosh larger than 8″. God gave me big wrists/bones for His own good purpose. 🙂

I’d also love to have this sweatshirt for Autumn by Shirtlady. I love Autumn — it’s my favorite time of year and this is a loved color. 2X would be okay.

And finally, because I never can find my gloves when I need them, I’d love these handknitted gloves. I have a special admiration for anyone who can knit. I can crochet all right, but I don’t have the knitting gene. Obviously Rokeliux does, because these are lovely and a great length so you don’t end up with cold wrists.

By the way, I found out about this contest from my friend Rachel who has a store on Etsy. It’s called Huggermugger and you can find it here. Make sure to check it out, even if you decide not to build your own list.


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