I’m So Tired …

I can’t get over how whipped I am right now. This is exhausted we’re talking here, not just tired. Granted, I didn’t sleep as much as I wanted over Calicon. But after I left the others (and they were in the process of leaving) I went back to the room and passed out for awhile before getting up to pack, eat and go back to bed some more.

We slept in yesterday morning and went to bed early and slept in this morning. I got up to come to the library and walking here (which I have been doing without conscious thought lately) was like walking a marathon. It’s not that hot, that I should have this much trouble.

Oh, well. Back to the job hunt; had a couple of interviews but nothing firm yet and so I’ll keep looking until someone says those three magic words: (no, not THOSE three words) “You are hired”. 🙂

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