Getting Closer to my Home …

Well, yesterday’s trip was interesting. When I got to Burbank Airport and checked in, etc., etc., I no sooner sat down by my gate when the person behind the counter announced that the flight had been oversold and that they needed eight volunteers (shaddap, Kirby, jes’ shaddap!) to take different flights.

They offered a travel voucher, a free cab ride to LAX and (to me) a flight directly to Chicago (bypassing the connection to/from Dallas) and getting in to Cleveland a half-hour earlier. Such a deal! 🙂

So I took it, got a courteous cabbie who really booked to the airport (I left Burbank at 11:25, give or take and had to catch my flight at LAX at 1:25). Still, it all worked out and I got into Cleveland at 11:30 pm.

All my flights to this point were either commuter jets or DC80s — the flight from LAX to ORD was on a 737. I regret to report that it really wasn’t much better except that I got a whole can of Diet Coke instead of just a cup and there was a movie. Woohoo! (Hee)

So now life goes on. I got a call this morning about a potential new situation, so that’s a good thing. As for all the other witches’ brew of emotions I’m struggling with right now — my mind and heart will heal with time. As with any process of healing it will take time and it will hurt, but I will survive. I’m a lot stronger than I feel as though I am right now, and I have to remember that. (Thanks, Lord.)

p.s. The really funny thing is feeling like an “old pro” after five plane flights. I can be so silly! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Getting Closer to my Home …

  1. Was this the first time you’d flown? If so, wow! Good for you. And hooray for the alternate flight working out so well. Maybe you can do something really fun with that travel voucher.

    What was the in-flight movie?

  2. TEC4 says:

    Well, I want to go to Montreal to see a Canadiens game for the second anniversary of my 49th birthday (hee).

    And, no, I had flown before … twice, in the 80s. But it’s been so long it seems like I never had (everything is so different).

    The inflight movie: Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Marginally better than the mess they made of the first Percy Jackson book.

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