Highway to the Danger Zone …

The title is tongue in cheek; I was thinking of “Top Gun” and “I feel the need — for speed!” Yesterday, I was on a plane (three of them, actually) for the first time since the 80s. What I didn’t realize, as I anticipated this process with some trepidation, was how much I’d enjoy it.

Not so much the waiting or navigating the terminals and security and all that, but the actual flying. Taking off was exhilarating — the ramping up, feeling the acceleration and taking off. When I could see out the window, I enjoyed seeing the cities roll away under us. Landings are a little tough for me, but I got through it.

So now, here I am in Burbank and tomorrow I’ll get to meet Mr. Pierre Jalbert — something I’ve looked forward to for a year. I hope he can overlook HOW I look and see me, but even if he can’t, I will have met him and hopefully had the chance to thank him, and that will be all right.

I’ve really enjoyed meeting all the people that I’ve talked to over the internet. This is such a neat thing, and now I understand better why they like doing these Recons.

4 thoughts on “Highway to the Danger Zone …

  1. TEC4 says:

    Oh, I was cool (although Rico said that when I took my ‘zine out to show Pierre my article about Cajun soldiers, my hands were shaking — gee whiz! I hope not — lol!)

    And he was all the nice things everyone said he would be … he was quite moved by us telling him why we loved Combat! and Caje and him … I’m glad he understands now (I think).

    Missed you, but we’ll (God willing) get together and meet in person.

  2. Meeting The Guys is always such a joyous, emotional experience — I barely said a word when I met Pierre, i was too awestruck. It would have been more than my hands shaking, for sure!

    • TEC4 says:

      Due to the signal generosity of everyone, CP and I got to sit next to Pierre. I did talk to him, a little, and it was so coooll! (obligatory fangirl SQUEE!) LOL.

      I only regret coming so late to Combat! fandom. I wish I could have met him in, say, 1996, during Comboat. But I figure if this is something the Lord has given me, then I should be grateful for what it is. How much damage do you think we do to our gifts by wishing we’d been given something else, instead?

      And like a good little girl (Mom would be so proud of me) I wrote and sent a thank you note as soon as we got back to the hotel. I even asked him to pass along thanks to Mrs. Jalbert, for sharing him with us and letting him come. šŸ™‚

      Now, on to the next thing. I have two stories (or story parts, in both cases) almost ready to post.

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