To Everything … There is a Season …

I find myself wishing that this summer would slow down, just a little.

Here we are, nearly at the midpoint of the summer, and yet I feel as though it still ought to be somewhere in June. We’re not getting a chance to do much so far. For one thing, money has been a major issue, but there are still lots of things we could do for nothing or next to it and yet we haven’t done them.

I’m really looking forward to going to California to meet my Combat! buddies plus one Very Special Guest, but by the time that’s done we’ll be almost to AUGUST!

Last night I heard the ‘crickets’ or ‘locusts’ or whatever they are, that make noise at night. Maybe it’s been the hot weather, but it seems to me they’re out too early. I always associate them with fair time and late August and school starting.

I love Autumn, but it can wait. I need a little more Summer first.

On Rhapsody: “Summer Wind” by Frank Sinatra

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