I Love it When We’re Cruisin’ …

Well, I have posted two more stories on my website. They’re here and here. The first one (warning: canon character death) is a straight squad story. The second is the continuation of the story I started a couple of weeks ago. Hope you like them.

I have two more stories substantially completed, and am working on finishing them, although I imagine it will be at least another week before either is to beta state. Plus, I need to keep working on the other part or parts of “Here Endeth the Lesson”. I have at least two readers who can’t wait to read the rest and that’s such a boost. I feel a little silly admitting that, but it’s true.

Then I’ve got three other stories that are at slightly better than idea stage. One in particular is going to require some research and I initially thought my whole timeline for the GA universe was going to require some rethinking, but what I found the other day says I’m probably okay. Whoopee! This is the best part of my life, writing!


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