You Load 16 Tons, and What D’ya Get?

No, I can’t really lift that much! 🙂 But after a superset of rows and deadlifts, it feels like I did!

Tom got me a guest pass to Bally’s, so this week I’m going to be swimming instead of treadmilling. Since you’re supposed to rotate what you do when you exercise, maybe this will be a good week for a breakthrough. I had wanted to add an outdoor walk to the regimen at lunch, but since I’m not immune to heatstroke, I’ll forgo that until next week, when hopefully temperatures will be a bit more July-ish.

I also have changed up what I am eating. I found a meal plan to kickstart weightloss; it’s slanted a lot more toward protein than the usual, although I’m bypassing the 6 egg whites I’m supposed to have for breakfast in favor of egg white protein in my oatmeal. I’ve never had chocolate oatmeal before, so this should be interesting. (Also necessary, since the Vitamin Shoppe in my health club has stopped carrying the blueberry and raspberry whey protein I liked. It’s going to have to be something and vanilla on top of vanilla almond milk is too much to bear the thought of! :D)

So we’ll see how this week ends up. I had the guys do the handheld bodyfat percentage thing and I was down at least 5%, so I know that I’m doing good things. I just wish I’d see a proportionate drop on the scale. I’m sure I’m building muscle, but you know, I’m too old to suit up with the Browns and I’d just as soon be a little thinner and not quite so defined. Know what I mean?


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