Sweet, Sweet Victory …

I have an awful sweet tooth. Let me just state that for the record. Which is why I’m celebrating walking out of Walgreen’s at lunch today with a Zero-Calorie Vitamin Water.

Depending on what stores you shop at, your mileage may vary, but checking out at a Walgreen’s is nothing but temptation to someone like me. Never mind the candy (for whatever reason, candy isn’t a problem for me), there’s oodles of Little Debbie cakes, “health” bars, cookies, muffins, etc., etc. I started to buy something. Then I looked at the nutritional info. I’m not supposed to have anything with more than nine grams of sugar and 90 mg. of sodium. Is anyone surprised that each and every thing I picked up was outside those limits?

My contrary side came up and I went through a good minute (thankfully for me, I was at the back of a fairly long line, so I had time to reconsider several times) of thinking that I was my own boss and I could have what I wanted. In retrospect, it was kind of like those 40s-era cartoons with the little devil on one shoulder and the little angel on the other.

What finally won out was pride and self-respect. I am going (God willing) to LA in a few weeks and I want very much to lose another size (and preferably about 20 pounds) before that. My ‘little angel’ reminded me (along with some very sore upper arm muscles) that I work out very hard to get into shape. Why did I want to wipe out the calories I burn when I exercise by eating one small thing that I really wouldn’t enjoy all that much anyway? Thankfully, the ‘little devil’ side of myself had no answer for that, and I got the aforementioned water.

One win at a time, I say …

3 thoughts on “Sweet, Sweet Victory …

    • TEC4 says:

      Thanks! I keep on keeping on. Unfortunately, I weighed in yesterday and no change. It gets hard to keep going in and working out when you hit stagnation. Le sigh.

      Well, on to this week. One day/meal/exercise session with the Marquis de Sade, my personal trainer, at a time.

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