Shut Up, and Put Your Money Where Your Mouth is …

First, on a non-related-to-money note:  Tom got this cool video out of the library – it’s a compendium of the best moments — speeches, performances, jams, what have you, of the Rock and Roll Hall’s induction ceremonies.  This is really enjoyable stuff; it’s neat to see the combinations of artists and styles, and some of these guys are either pretty thoughtful or pretty funny — I love Ray Davies’ (of the Kinks) line about: “Rock and Roll has become respectable. What a bummer!”

On the thoughtful side,  I loved Edge’s (U2) speech on the group’s induction. I wanted to find it on YouTube, but no dice. In it’s place, I offer Adam Clayton’s equally eloquent speech. (Warning: There’s an abrupt transition to “Vertigo” and it’s pretty loud, so if you watch this, you might want to keep the volume down. I mean, if you like being able to hear and all. Just sayin’.) After Vertigo, Larry gives a brief but well-spoken speech as well.

I’ve spent the last two days obsessing about money.

Someone who I won’t mention found a way to spend $200 they didn’t have the right to spend in about 18 hours. I’m not giving them any more money to hold — and if they don’t like it, too bad. So I found myself in a deficit situation as regards the rent, but I think I’ve fixed it. For now. Sigh.

Plus, another tire is shot — they have really put cheap tires on our car. Shame on you, Nissan. Waving goodbye to another $70-100. Grr.

I’m hoping to learn today that we’ll have the money will fund our trip to California tomorrow or Tuesday. Please, Lord.

It’ll be nice to be able to go back to not worrying about cash. And I’m sure I’ll be able to. Some day. 🙂


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