Sweetest, sweetest …

For any out-of-town, homesick Clevelanders, I want to pass on a cassata cake recipe that is supposed to emulate the out-of-this-WORLD cassata cake at Corbo’s in Little Italy:  http://www.sweetamandine.com/2009/04/to-pistol-packin-patriot-on-his-26th.html

If you try it, let me know. I’ve heard good things about it and since I’m not (or trying not) to eat this stuff, I have to rely on second-hand observations.

Russell Crowe/Robin Hood

We went to see the Russell Crowe ‘Robin Hood’ this weekend. As such things go, it wasn’t bad, but it could have been better.

I am reasonably knowledgeable about the Plantagenets, and I can tell you there were a lot of inaccuracies in it (no! what? Hollywood didn’t get something correct from a historical standpoint? say it’s not so!?). But I like Russell Crowe as an actor and I liked his Robin. I adored Cate Blanchett’s Marion and Max Von Sydow’s Sir Walter was a lovely bit work — funny and sad by turns. If I hadn’t hated Mark Strong’s Godfrey on general principles, I would have after he invaded Nottingham (no spoilers just in case you haven’t seen the movie and might want to).

It’s hard to say why the movie wasn’t quite right. There were some great battle scenes (ooh! swords!), some nice exchanges between Robin and Marion and I liked the “merry men” — but there was some undefined “something” lacking … ah, well, nothing’s perfect and a Hollywood movie’s the last place I’d go for that anyway.

On Rhapsody: “Mandolin Rain”, Bruce Hornsby

2 thoughts on “Sweetest, sweetest …

  1. So, worth checking out the movie then?

    I adore Russell Crowe, and I like Ridley Scott, but I was turned off to it because I can’t stand Cate Blanchett, and I heard bad things about it actually being nothing about the Robin Hood legend. I was also unreasonably angried with the whole project when it turned from “Nottingham” — which was actually exciting and original, looking at things from the other direction — and turned into yet another Robin Hood incarnation. I have not forgiven them for robbing me of that movie.

  2. TEC4 says:

    It was more of a “prequel” to the “actual” Errol Flynn/Kevin Costner Robin Hoods. The Sheriff of Nottingham (Matthew McFadyen, Mr. Darcy in the Keira Knightley “Pride and Prejudice”) was channeling Alan Rickman in “Prince of Thieves”.

    My fondest recollections of the movie mostly involve Sir Walter … (this trend towards admiring much older men is starting to worry me a little! 🙂 ). He had some extremely funny lines — there was one in particular that made me blush a little, but it was still very funny!

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