Feeling Stronger Every Day …

And smaller, too! I was in the Group Groove class on Saturday and I kept having to pull up my sweatpants because the waist was too loose … that’s a nice feeling.

So I did measurements and am down (for the first time, really) in the waist area — for a total of six inches, according to the tracker on RealAge! Yippee! This also means I am down another pants size, five total.

I’ve been eating “raw” oatmeal (which is essentially granola without all the extra garbage) every morning, with almond milk and a scoop of blueberry whey protein. I’d been eating instant oatmeal before, but Tony, who is one of the trainers at Fitworks says that’s not good for you. So I switched to Mother’s rolled oats and I will say that whatever it does for me from a weight loss standpoint directly, it is also VERY filling and I don’t find myself craving stuff. Tom Venuto and Rob Cooper, the Former Fat Guy also both advocate “real” oatmeal, so I may even try substituting it for my afternoon snack.

I’ve had mixed success in changing out my eating. The bread is getting to be less of a problem, but suddenly, sugar, which I thought I had managed to mostly kill my cravings for, is making a comeback. I’m still fighting, but some days are easier than others.

In other news, I found my quote. It was in Harpo Marx’s autobiography (in case you don’t read comments) and was in a letter from Thornton Wilder to Alexander Woollcott. The exact quote reads:

“Nothing so lifts a soldier’s morale as getting a letter from home, and nothing so depresses him as reading it.”

So that’s the basis for my story and after this Sunday, I’ll get to work on it. 😀


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