Crimson and Clover …

Congratulations to Anamika Veeramani, the NE Ohio student who won the National Spelling Bee. She managed what the Browns, Cavs and Indians haven’t managed since I was 3 years old — she brought a National Championship to Cleveland. Let’s hope they don’t trade her to Denver for some kid who can’t read. (Thanks, Drew Carey) That is, after all, the “Cleveland way”, and much scarier than the “Chicago Way”.

I’m so sick about the BP thing I almost can’t bear to think about it any more. Where have all the intelligent, competent people gone who could fix this mess?

Starting another story. This time, it’s a squad story — I have another one, but it’s going to be so long at this point that I think I’ll write it in chapters and I can’t post any of it until I get it all blocked out. So I’m going to do this one for now. Can anyone help me find a quote (and the source thereof) that runs, roughly: “Nothing so raises the spirits of a soldier as getting a letter from home and nothing so depresses him as reading it”? I thought it was Thornton Wilder, but unless I’ve really screwed up my search, I tried Googling it and — nothing.

And now I’m heading back home to sleep. I did the Group Groove class today, along with a 10-minute treadmill warm-up, 100 crunches on the weighted bench and some wood-chops and I’m so tired …


3 thoughts on “Crimson and Clover …

  1. Alas, failed to turn up the quote either, using all sorts of key words from it, and going to some of the quote sites. Sorry!

    And yay for stories! Long ones and short ones!

  2. TEC4 says:

    I finded it! 🙂

    Turns out I read it in Harpo Marx’s autobiography (which I absolutely recommend!); it was from a letter by Thornton Wilder to Alexander Woollcott. Harpo quotes it in his section about touring in front of the troops. When he entertained, he saw the young men who were out there in the context of his son, Bill (who was far too young to serve).

    Thank you for looking … and with all you had to do, too! Let me know if anyone needs anything I can help with. Happy to be of service!

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