Always Had a Mighty Fine W(h)ine …

The post previously occupying this space has been removed. The author thereof has tired of whine and will be drinking more water as time goes by … 🙂

Has anyone got any ideas for something constructive to do to help those affected by the BP Oil Spill? I wish I were in a position to up and go down to volunteer to work on cleaning up, although I do wonder how much this will accomplish. I keep thinking of poor old King Canute … ordering the tide back.

What’s ugliest about this are the two constants: BP’s lies and our government’s inaction. You’d think they WANT the area destroyed. Maybe they do. I’m almost cynical enough to believe it, although I don’t understand why they would.

Please God, keep these idiots from destroying Your creation. Amen.

On Rhapsody: “Born on the Bayou”, CCR

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