L’Air Du Printemps …

Well, it’s that time of the year again … when I sit at work looking out at a beautiful day and wonder “Okay, WHY am I sitting here looking at this through a window?”

I don’t particularly want to be a responsible adult when this mood strikes. I have to; I’m the one who brings home the paycheck. But I want to be outside, maybe in a Metropark, walking or fishing or doing something that doesn’t involve a computer and a desk.

One day, maybe I’ll get to fulfill this fantasy I have of walking into my boss’s office two weeks before Memorial Day and saying “I’m taking a leave of absence. See you the day after Labor Day!”, waving cheerily and walking out.

Of course, that will never happen. I don’t play the Lottery, and I have no expectations of a legacy, no hidden elderly relatives like those in an L. M. Montgomery short story who pop up and “My child, I was a great friend of your Mother/Father/Great-Aunt Maude (pick one or all) and I have no other relatives, so I will be leaving you all the money I made mining gold in Australia!” Too bad. I’d like that. 😀

I am more aware than ever of the passage of time, and I regret the lost opportunities. But until that unknown person shows up and leaves me all their money, I guess I’ll just have to go on getting hit with Spring Fever once a year.

Oh, almost forgot … in case I haven’t already lambasted you in one of my other notifications, new story on the website here.

On the Sansa: “It’s For You”, Three Dog Night

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